Feature Friday: The new Portal to your customers is here

Feature Friday: The new Portal to your customers is here

We’re connecting commerce marketers around the world to their customers. With a next-gen mobile-first UI built on top of a machine learning algorithm, we are confident the newest release will make eCommerce marketing easier, and lead to more revenue impact.

We’re so excited about the [new version]! … And we’re also seeing it on a bunch of sites we go to every day so you guys are obviously leading the charge here!
— Leading beauty retailer

It’s been a huge success. With the Portal, we’ve seen several clients smashing through our 10:1 ROI guarantee in less than 30 days. Still, we focused on improving the performance -- and customer experience -- even further.

See the Portal action floating below.

The [company] executive team saw the screenshot of [it] in a meeting and they thought the design was one of the coolest things they’ve seen on the internet in a long time. They’re excited and they view AddShoppers as a partner, not a vendor, which is big for us.
— Leading lifestyle apparel and home merchandise retailer

It’s faster and smoother -- loading a full second faster than the original. On the backend, it uses machine learning capabilities built on top of our brand-new Customer Data Platform (CDP). 

What does this update mean for your marketing team?

You guys can do things so much quicker and so much better than we can so everyone here is like, ‘[name] can we do this in AddShoppers...?
— Leading online apparel retailer

This update makes the process of handling campaigns -- from creation to management -- easier and smarter. An automated campaign process means less time on development and execution, freeing up time to focus on strategies for getting the best results possible from the existing campaign structure.

We’re in the business of saving time and growing our clients’ revenue. This update lets us do that quicker and put more control in our client’s hands. 

Let’s talk about how our brand-new CDP will transform your marketing.