Feature Friday: URL Filters

Feature Friday: URL Filters

The whole purpose of targeted campaigns is so that the right people see the right message, at the right time. Do you have an abandon modal that you only want to show on one specific product page? Don't want our Sharing Buttons to show on say, your privacy policy page? The answer to the question "I want campaign 'XYZ' to show on 'ABC' not 'DEF', how can I do this?", is URL filters. 

URL filters can be used to add certain actions for Sharing Buttons, Social Rewards, and Behavioral Targeting. 

Sharing Buttons 

Utilizing our exclusion and inclusion filters, you have the option to choose where you want the Sharing Buttons to appear. Adding an asterisk before or after the selected URLs will allow you to either include or exclude the URL containing a certain phrase.

Social Rewards

You may want certain Social Rewards on certain pages. For example, you may want to do $5 off on your homepage but 10% off on a certain product of category of products. You can exclude the $5 from that product page and then include the 10% ONLY on that product. 

Behavioral Targeting

There are no limits to the amount of Behavioral Targeting campaigns that you can have live on your site, but they become tricky when you want one modal to show on a certain URL and not another. URL filters give you the freedom to have different entrance modals to your site based on the URL the customer came from. 

For example, your customer clicks a link in an email that takes them to a specific product page, and another customer arrives at that same product page, but from a link on a tweet that you put out. By setting up URL filters you can show two different entrance modals with unique offers based on where your customers are coming from. 

Watch the video to learn more!