Google AdSense Is Making Changes

Google AdSense Is Making Changes

Google is rolling out a new feature for their already popular AdSense product. Meet AdSense for Shopping (AFSh). The new feature is aimed at retailers and commerce-focused sites, serving three purposes:

  1. Monetize Traffic. This includes mobile traffic too! And it will help to monetize any non-converting traffic on your site. You earn revenue based on the performance of ads on your site (read: clickthroughs).
  2. Enhance User Experience. The Product Listing Ads (PLAs) that are put on-site will be rich and contextually relevant to the customer search.
  3. Expand Product Offerings. With over 1 billion products on AdSense, those site implementing AFSh will be able to help users find what they’re looking for and keep them coming back to their site.

While AFSh is currently only open to a limited number of retailers and commerce publishers, with WalMart being the only identified retailer, it will open in the “near future” to more. Until then, interested retailers can apply here. And more technologically advanced readers can take a look at the implementation here.

Why the change?

Google is trying to keep up with the ever growing number of product searches that consumers perform daily. The new AFSh helps both customers and merchants: customer searches return more relevant results and merchants increase the visibility of their products.

Merchants Take Note

Google’s additions to AdSense can mean big things for you. If you’re one of Google’s search partners, you’ll begin to make money on the traffic to your site that doesn’t necessarily convert. You’ll be paid per click on the new AFSh ads.

If you’re one of the thousands of merchants not on Google’s list of search partners, you’ll be able to reach customers beyond and Google Shopping thanks to the new ads. Your Product Listing Ads (PLAs) will be eligible to appear alongside contextually relevant search results on the sites of Google’s search partners. Plus, opting your PLAs into search partners won’t affect your quality score on!

Will you signup for AdSense for Shopping?