Google Analytics is more powerful with AddShoppers

Google Analytics is more powerful with AddShoppers

Our clients spoke, and we listened. Our new integration with Google Analytics allows per App campaign data and engagements to be seen in real-time within GA reports. Data trust is a major priority for us. We want to make sure our data pushes into systems you swear by, so that you can see the true effect we have on your metrics.

So let’s get down to how this integration works.

To start, in your AddShoppers dashboard, go to “Apps”, then select “Integrations” and make sure you have your GA UA-XXXXX-Y set under the Google Analytics section. 

Once that is set, Interaction data from our dashboard is automatically pushed in, (for example: when someone completes a share, or if a user fills out their email in a Behavioral Targeting modal).

Here’s what you can expect to see once data starts being pushed from our dashboard, to Google Analytics:

  1. Real-Time per Campaign:
    Watch the data roll in the moment you launch a new campaign. Having the ability to see who is interacting with AddShoppers modals (such as entry/abandon/network specific) in real-time makes you more in tune with your site’s marketing. 

  2. Real-Time Actions per App:
    Along with the ability to see your campaigns in real-time, a breakdown of real-time traffic sources is now accessible. See exactly where your website interactions are coming from within your current workflow.

Also, here are some navigation pro tips to easily find the source/medium that we push into Google Analytics (clicking around aimlessly is a drag, we’ve got you covered):

 1. Under Acquisition, go to the Source/Medium report and type “AddShoppers” into the search box in most reports to easily filter:

2. If you want to take a look at Google’s multi-touch attribution modeling, go to the Model Comparison report, then select source/medium, then choose the attribution models you want compare, then enter AddShoppers into the search box to narrow down:

Our integration with Google Analytics is a marketer's best friend! Having the right data to make the best decisions for your brand is what this integration is all about. 

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