Google Working on Buy Now Button

Google Working on Buy Now Button

On December 15, the Washington Street Journal revealed that Google might be trying to extended their eCommerce reach. The article reports that Google has been reaching out to merchants and testing their own 'buy now' button. The button would appear on Google Shopping, helping to make the site a more complete eCommerce experience for users. 

While this move is likely a direct competition with Amazon, don't expect Google to open warehouses and stock products anytime soon. The "buy now" button would still facilitate sales through third-party merchants. 

Google is also reportedly looking into other ideas to be bigger contender for eCommerce traffic. Apparently the company is also considering their own Amazon Prime-like plan that would offer free two day shipping for an annual fee. 

Regardless of their plan, it is clear that Google wants to own a bigger piece of the eCommerce market. 

Do you think Google stands a chance against Amazon?