Grow Beyond CRM™ at Booth 1711 #IRCE2018

Grow Beyond CRM™ at Booth 1711 #IRCE2018

June 5-8, 2018
McCormick Place West, Chicago, IL
IRCE Booth #1711
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Every CRM needs a superhero…

As a distant era was being destroyed by obsolete tracking methods, a team of engineers pushed their co-founders into a hastily-booked Airbus A380, launching them towards Chicago.

When they land in IRCE, passing attendees will discover the powers of their platform and learn how to Grow Beyond CRM™ and orchestrate customer experiences they never thought possible.

Attendants, unaware of their network’s scale across over 5,000 active sites, will be astounded at its feats of strength.

When clients are onboarded, they discover they can easily:

  • Turn unknown visitors into known shoppers to power personalized experiences, increasing engagement and loyalty...
  • Instantly match offline customers to their CRM identity when those customers visit the website...
  • Enable omnichannel marketing agility with ease...

… and that not even a lazy IT team could stop them in their tracks!

Early, our co-founders decided they must the strength of this network into channels that would benefit leading brands. And so was created….


Champion of the frustrated marketer, the data-enabling marvel that has sworn to devote its existence to helping those in need!

A Scientific Explanation Of ShopperGraph’s Amazing Capabilities

ShopperGraph™ is powered by over 5,000 active brands and running on cutting-edge tracking methodology that’s many times more advanced than legacy systems. When data networks reach critical mass, they become much more powerful than the data available to a single site on its own. 

Incredible? NO! For even today on our world exist campaigns with super-powers!

  • The lowly cart abandonment campaign can drive returns tens of times the investment.
  • The triggered email drives click volume that would take newsletters three, five, or even ten sends to accomplish

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