Heels.com Integrates Custom Facebook 'Want' Button

Heels.com Integrates Custom Facebook 'Want' Button

After releasing the first available Facebook 'Want' and 'Own' buttons, we've made them even better.  Now retailers can upload their own images to match the look and feel of their website. Simply login to your AddShoppers Dashboard then go to Get Apps => Sharing Buttons => Facebook and click  'Custom Want Button' or 'Custom Own Button'.  You can set the default image, hover image, and clicked image. Here's a custom Want button in action on Heels.com:

Custom Want Button

If you're not familiar with our Facebook Want and Own buttons, they are Facebook Open Graph buttons similar to the regular 'Like' button, but instead of 'Liking' a product, users can 'Want' products or 'Own' products.

They have some pretty interesting implications for retailers -- it's essentially an implied social wishlist.  Wouldn't you be interested in seeing your most wanted products? Our sharing buttons, along with our advanced social analytics layer, can reveal this data for your store.

Facebook "Want" is the Most Valuable Sharing Button

Facebook Want and Own Buttons

According to our latest report on The Value of Sharing Products, the Facebook Want button had the highest incremental revenue per click ($.95 vs. $.82 for "Like"), which means that it generated the most revenue per click on a 'Wanted' product (e.g., someone sees a 'Wanted' product, clicks the link, and places an order).

When someone expresses that they want a product, they influence their friends to also want that product.  'Wanting' something is a bit stronger than 'Liking' something, so when someone sees a friend 'Want' something, they're more likely to want it as well (and, as our report shows, go on to buy it).

Want to add a Want button to your site?

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