How 3 Hyper-growth Retailers Mastered Social Commerce

How 3 Hyper-growth Retailers Mastered Social Commerce

Understand the funnel and master social commerce.


Awareness -> Engagement -> Conversion -> Loyalty & Advocacy

Let’s look at how 3 popular online retailers leveraged social media to generate explosive growth over the past few years, and what you can learn from their success. All of these retailers have mastered social commerce and they have record-setting sales and user base growth ( fastest ever to 1 million members).  We’ll exclude conversion data because there are millions of articles about that.

* Full Disclosure - the retailers mentioned aren't currently using the AddShoppers platform but we admire what they've accomplished.  Our goal is to create a social tool that removes huge barriers to entry so any retailer can match their success. * - Started 2011 - $100M+ 2012. Fastest growing eCommerce site ever.

  • Basic idea: Curate great products that appeal to design oriented customers.
  • Awareness: Integrate with social networks to make interactions frictionless.
  •  Engagement: Create an elegant user experience to match the products being sold.
  • Loyalty & Advocacy:  $10 sharing rewards for any friends who purchase & well timed e-mail blasts.
  • Measure / Rinse / Repeat

Rue La La - Started 2008 - $100M+ 2012

  • Basic idea: Source high-end brands at "low" prices that require exclusive "access" to purchase.
  • Awareness:  Grant priority "access" for customers who share.
  • Engagement: Engage customers through e-mail.
  • Loyalty & Advocacy:  Targeted e-mail campaigns & social media messages.
  • Measure / Rinse / Repeat

Threadless - Started 2000 - $50M+ 2012

  • Basic idea: Crowdsourced designs printed on t-shirts.
  • Awareness:  Threadless Street Team - share shirts you like and get store credit.
  • Engagement: Tell a story about each design, thus making each design unique.
  • Loyalty & Advocacy: Build community around designers and "voters" who decide what shirts they'll buy.
  • Measure / Rinse / Repeat

So what do these companies have in common?  Great products, solid pricing, and reasons (read:  rewards) to spread the word.

Now, let’s take a look at the next big social commerce success story:


  • Basic idea:  What's your value proposition?
  • Awareness:  How are your customers spreading the word about your business?  We can answer this for you.
  • Engagement:  How are you communicating with your target audience?
  • Loyalty & Advocacy:  Help your customers share your products and brand with friends by making it frictionless and rewarding.  We can help you identify your top influencers and make the most out of your efforts.
  • Measure / Rinse / Repeat