How a leading retailer leveraged our customer identity graph for a new Top 5 revenue channel.

How a leading retailer leveraged our customer identity graph for a new Top 5 revenue channel.

Through brand collaboration, reach unauthenticated site visitors with triggered emails for a personal, 1:1 marketing experience—leveraging a privacy & safety compliant process.


A leading retailer with over 1M monthly unique visitors approached us with the goal of driving more conversions from their existing traffic. Their current media retargeting channels like Facebook/Google continued to get more expensive and performance diminishes over time.  The Brand wanted to:

  • Drive incremental online sales without having to buy additional media

  • Test incentives and content for conversion optimization

  • Grow their email list (their #1 channel)

Solution Overview

AddShoppers Email Retargeting® Co-op campaigns enable brands to send behavioral emails to customers that have not provided their email previously.  Connecting to the AddShoppers network of 150M+ shoppers through its Email Retargeting® Co-op, marketers are able to resolve identities and deliver 1:1 email regardless of customer email acquisition. Essentially the Co-op acts as a curated rented email list with managed consent.

Today, if 100 customers visited your website -- between your ESP, CRM, and other platforms -- you might be able to send a browse abandon or cart abandon email to 5 of those site visitors. What about the other 95 visitors?

Without AddShoppers your only option is retargeting ads, which continue to get more expensive and underperform compared to targeted inbox messages.  With AddShoppers, our system will attempt to match the 95 visitors in real-time against our network of 150M+ monthly profiles and 5,000+ websites. If the visitor leaves your site without signing up for email or buying AND we find a match, AddShoppers will deliver a triggered email to help you win back those customers and engage them in a way you can’t today.


3 Campaigns, Up to 9 Emails

1. General Abandon (3 emails over 5 days)

A customer visits your website but doesn’t put their email into a newsletter subscribe box or sign into their account. Send them your welcome email to build brand awareness and drive repeat visits. Include a one-click opt-in for marketing for more marketing email acquisitions.

2. Browse Abandon (3 emails over 5 days)

A customer is shopping in your catalog as a guest (no sign-in required) and leaves the site without adding a product to the shopping cart. Dynamically send them the actual products or content they were looking at directly to their inbox. This typically doubles the performance you’re getting from retargeting ads

3. Cart Abandon (3 emails over 5 days)

A customer is shopping on a website as a guest and leaves the cart without checking out. With our Email Retargeting® Co-op, the marketer can send a personalized and timely communication to the consumer with their cart contents, redirecting the consumer back to the site to complete the purchase. Offers and content can be different for each email in a sequence.

Campaign Results

AddShoppers Email Retargeting® Co-op became a top 5 revenue channel for this brand.  After 6 months of running the revenue recovery campaigns, the results are as follows:


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