How Data Driven Brands are Winning the Holidays

How Data Driven Brands are Winning the Holidays

If you’ve ever purchased a Halloween costume you know all too well that “one size fits all” is a dastardly lie. Being everything for everyone never works in the real world, so why should it in digital? Every brand has a feast of customer data at their fingertips yet all too often we see marketing teams starve.

Takeaway:  the smartest brands analyze the behaviors that led to conversion in the past and map that to what their customers are doing right now on their website then trigger campaigns based upon the customer’s profile and where they’re at in their buying journey.

Way back in the good old days, our customers watched TV, listened to the radio, and read the paper. Now fast forward to today -- your customers do all that (kinda) plus Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a thousand other services. They switch between devices, screen sizes, and frames of mind in the blink of an eye. The customer journey is no longer a straight path. It twists, it turns, and loses a lot of people along the way.

Takeaway:  the smartest brands know their customers’ attention is fluid. No longer are there a handful of places to see and be seen. Your brand must be on the right platform at the right time with the right message or you risk your potential customers’ attention shifting elsewhere -- or worse, alienating a potential ambassador.

Your data is a treasure trove and your customers are delicate flowers. Use your historical behavior data to segment and score your customers in real-time. Leverage a single source of truth to seamlessly execute campaigns across channels and devices that are tailored to the individual and where they are in their buying journey. Do not jar your customers with unexpected touch points like “I already purchased that shirt, why am I still seeing ads for it?” 

Takeaway:  the smartest brands are meticulous in every digital customer interaction, no matter the source or medium. They know each customer’s exposure to every digital campaign and ensure the journey from interest, to consideration, to purchase, and beyond is smooth. Orchestrating cohesive campaigns across channels, devices, and customer segments is no small feat but with the right team and technology, it can be done to great effect.