How Hope's Boosted Email Captures by 1977% & Sharing by 905%

How Hope's Boosted Email Captures by 1977% & Sharing by 905%

The team at Hope’s has been working with AddShoppers since late 2014. While they have utilized many of the Apps within our platform, this study is focused on their success with Social Contests. Working with the team at Gauge Interactive out of Savannah, GA as well as their AddShoppers Enterprise Client Success Manager, the Hope’s team chose to implement Social Contests as a solution to address these two main goals: 

  • Capture more emails from site visitors
  • Drive more social sharing activity than what was happening organically 

Note: The Hope’s team had previously run contests directly on social networks, but their results had been less than exciting. They found these contests didn’t drive enough traffic back to or allow them to engage users of multiple social networks at the same time. 

With AddShoppers, the team ended up launching three separate contests, which all blew expectations out of the water including boosting e-mail captures by 1,977% & social sharing by 905%!

Read on for the inside scoop on the unique strategies utilized and results driven:

Contest 1 - Name That Dress


App Used: Behavioral Targeting
Ran 25 hours; July 30th-31st

Hope’s came up with a fun concept where they would give their fans an opportunity to name one of their upcoming dresses in a giveaway, plus a $100 gift card. 

Here’s how it worked: 

Step 1: Social Promotion
In order to create awareness, Hopes posted the giveaway to their Facebook & Twitter pages to drive fans to where they could enter for a chance to win.

Step 2: Collect Entries Using Behavioral Targeting
We wanted to make this step as simple as possible in order to maximize the number of entries. Traffic that lands on their website was served a targeted pop-up modal (see the screenshot above) that explains the contest and asks for their email and suggested name for the dress.

Step 3: Select a Winner
After the contest was over, one winner was chosen to receive the $100 gift card.


  • 4,154 emails captured (avg. emails captured in 1 month is less than 6,000)
  • 1,977% lift in email captures

Contest 2 - Share to Win

Apps Used: Social Contests & Behavioral Targeting
Ran August 17th-31st & November 9th-30th*

*Note: The first launch of this contest was so successful that the Hope’s decided to run it again a few months later!

In this contest, Hope’s wanted to keep the same $100 gift card reward that they used in their first giveaway, but run it over a longer period of time in order to capture more emails and engagement.

Here’s how these two contests worked: 

Step 1: Promote on-site and via social media
Hope’s started driving customers to the contest landing page by using AddShoppers Behavioral Targeting functionality to add a bottom bar promoting the giveaway to their website. In addition, they further promoted the contests by posting about them to their social media profiles.

Step 2: Login
Once visitors arrived on the contest landing page, their first step was to use Social Login or their name and email to register for the giveaway. This step allowed Hope’s to collect rich 1st party data and build their CRM.

Step 3: Share
Once participants had registered for the giveaway, the next step was to share Hope’s products to their social networks. Each share counted as an additional entry into the contest.

Step 4: Win
One chosen winner received a $100 gift card!

Launch 1 results (August 17 - 31st):

  • 905% lift in sharing
  • 51% lift in email captures

Launch 2 results (November 9 - 30th): 

  • 325% lift in sharing
  • 31% list in email captures

In Conclusion: Consider bringing social contests on-site so you have more control over the full experience, capture more valuable information about your participants, and drive targeted referral traffic to your site!

Watch our entire webinar presentation below.

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