How To: Create a Custom Facebook App

How To: Create a Custom Facebook App

Having your own Facebook App* can be pretty beneficial to an eCommerce site. It can help customers feel safe and expand your branding. So, want to setup your own Facebook App, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re not alone. Lately we’ve been getting a lot of questions about this process which made us think we should run through it step by step. So here we go!

First, all of the following instructions must be configured in your Facebook Developers pane.Then just follow each step (and pay attention to the screenshots!) to make sure you’ve set up all the permission correctly. But, don’t worry, if you still have trouble just reach out to us at and we’ll help you get it sorted out.

1. Under Settings > Basic: add your App ID, App Secret, Display Name, Namespace, App Domains, Contact Email and Site URL

2. Under Settings > Advanced: toggle 'Social Discover' On

3. Under Settings > Advanced: add your Client Token, toggle 'Client OAuth Login' on. Then add 'Valid OAuth redirect URLs' as your site URL and

4. Under App Details: Fill in all App Info fields as well as Privacy URL, Terms of Service URL and User Support Email in the Contact Info box

5. Under App Details: In the App Center Listed Platforms turn toggle 'Website' on and add any icons, images or screenshots desired

6. Under Status & Review: Make the app public and click 'Start a Submission.'


7. In the list on the left, check the boxes for 'publish_actions' and 'user_birthday.' Then click the 'add 2 items' button. 





8. After that you need to a note to each permission explaining why you need it. We have some suggestions in the next two steps, but feel free to make it your own!

9. For 'user_birthday' you can add something like this:

In the top box "We plan on sending the user a special email or personalized message on their birthday."

In the bottom box:

1. Share on our site and approve our app
2. Wait until your birthday to get a personalized email or message on your birthday.

10. For 'publish_actions' try something like this: 

In the top box: "We want the user to be able to share through our app on our site to their Facebook wall with their friends."

In the bottom box: 

1. Click on sharing buttons on the site
2. Type in a sharing message and click the login button or the share button.
3. Approve our app so that your post shows up on your wall.

11. Once you've added your notes, you'll need to add Facebook Login Integration steps. Like this: 

1. Click on sharing button for Facebook and it will either show a login or share button with a message box above it.
2. Type in a message and click login or share which will bring up the facebook login box.
3. Approve the app
4. Share on your wall

12. Finally, upload screenshots of the app and buttons (minimum of 4 required). Check the 'I have tested' checkbox and hit 'Submit for Review.'

13. ???

14. PROFIT!!!

How did it go? Now you should know how to create your own Facebook app.

*Like all branding customization features, connecting a white label Facebook App to your AddShoppers account is for Pro and Enterprise accounts only. Think you’re ready to up your game and brand your website? Fill out the form below so an Account Representative can get in touch with you.

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