How to diagnose and fix underperforming content pages

How to diagnose and fix underperforming content pages

When marketers launch new campaigns, the most common on-site marketing tactic is to implement creative in the hero banner and build a new targeted landing page. However, a majority of eCommerce traffic never visits the homepage, and subsequently, that same traffic never learns about the new marketing campaign.

The lack of visits to the homepage creates three unique questions for any new marketing campaign: 

  1. How many people are seeing my new landing page?
  2. How valuable is that traffic?
  3. How do I increase traffic to the landing page if it is valuable?

To start, let’s explore how to identify the relationship of traffic levels and page value. 

How to find you site content pages report: 

  1. Reports
  2. Behavior > Site Content > All Pages
  3. Advanced > Exclude > Page > Containing > ‘checkout’ > Apply

Understanding your traffic and page values

Steps 1-3 provide a view of the most visited pages along with their page value. 

Take note if a page with high traffic shows uncharacteristically low page value. AddShoppers defines low page value as being 50% or less than the average page value. High traffic and lower page value can be indicative of site issues such as site speed or poor traffic source quality. 

Looking at the Google Analytics data chart below, we see this retailer’s average page value is $4.89. We would recommend testing solutions for page values worth $2.45 and less.  For new marketing pages, you will now be able to evaluate whether you have a traffic problem, value problem, or both.


Comparing your target landing page

The next step is to identify the exact traffic and value for the new target landing page. In this example, the retailer built a custom shoppable Instagram gallery page. Their concept is similar to Madewell’s user-generated content (UGC) shoppable Instagram page (shown below). 

A quick review of their data shows the number of visitors interacting with the new shoppable Instagram page is extraordinarily low. Notice the unique page views for the period are 806. In other words, .08% of all pages visits have been on this page. This is very low for a new marketing campaign. The home page banner is simply not enough to drive traffic to the new experience.

What can you do to drive traffic?

Since site data indicates organic discovery is not occurring, there are two methods to drive traffic to the experience:

  1. Use paid media
  2. Bring the experience to visitors 

AddShoppers is able to specifically address the 2nd option by bringing targeted experiences to visitors. An on-site strategy for driving traffic to a particular page is AddShoppers’ Notifier. A notification keeps the site intact and brings content to visitors no matter where they are on the site.

Use this strategy in two ways:

  1. On load: Grabs visitor attention immediately with a teaser notification.  
  2. On abandonment: Prevent shoppers from leaving by showing an engaging offer at the right moment.   

Once the page sees Top 10 traffic levels, you will be able to reassess the page’s value and determine whether future marketing efforts need new custom pages or smaller more cost effective methods to drive top line revenue.

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