How to Increase Your Conversion Rate With Pre-Purchase Sharing

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate With Pre-Purchase Sharing

One of the toughest things in eCommerce is seeing how many people get so close to completing the checkout process, but abandoning somewhere in between the "view cart" page and the "confirm order" page. If your store was a brick-and-mortar shop, these people would be walking out of the checkout line and leaving the store, abandoning their shopping cart (literally).

The bright side is that you can relatively easily help move these people further through the checkout process. They already know what they want, and all they need sometimes is a little "push" (or, better put, "incentive").

Here's how to utilize AddShoppers Social Rewards to help lower the number of people who abandon the checkout process (and increase social exposure at the same time!):

The AddShoppers Pre-Purchase Sharing Method

Everyone talks about post-purchase sharing (including us, we have our own Purchase Sharing App), but what many people don't know is that pre-purchase sharing is also a great way to help increase conversions and decrease shopping cart abandonment.

The following steps assume that you have already installed AddShoppers Social Analytics on your site. If you haven't, get started with a free account now.

Step 1: Identify Your Problem Step

If you're using a multi-step checkout process, look over your analytics and identify the one step in your checkout process where the most number of people are abandoning.

Step 2: Create A Coupon

Create a coupon in your eCommerce platform that you want to give to people once they get to this step.

Step 3: Add Your Coupon As A Social Reward

In your AddShoppers Dashboard, go to Apps -> Social Rewards and add the coupon that you just created in step 2 as a Social Reward.

Step 4: Add Pre-Purchase Sharing Code

Edit the template for the problem step that you identified in step 1 and add the following code to it, customizing to your liking first, of course:

<script type="text/javascript">
AddShoppersTracking = {
auto: true,

Here's an example of what our code would look like if we put it on

<script type="text/javascript">
AddShoppersTracking = {
auto: true,
header: "Share for an additional 5% off your order!", // Make sure the discount matches your coupon
image: "",
url: "",
name: "AddShoppers",
description: "Increase sales and revenue with fun, powerful social apps!"

Step 5: Check your analytics

After a while (enough time to collect enough data for a meaningful difference), check your analytics and see if that step has improved. If it hasn't, you might want to try some of the following extra tips.

Extra Tips/Things to Consider

Make sure people can apply the coupon after they get it

If your coupon code box is on step 2, but you're putting the Pre-Purchase Sharing code on step 3, then make sure that it's either easy to go back and enter a coupon code or enter the coupon a different way. For example, you could put another coupon code box on step 3, or in a later step.

Try applying the discount immediately after sharing (no coupon)

(Please note that this option requires technical integration with your eCommerce platform.)

Our Javascript API allows you to detect when a customer has shared, so that you can apply the discount immediately, with no need for a coupon. Here's an outline of the code that you can use to accomplish this:


If you think the auto-popup is distracting your shoppers, turn it off and add a sharing button with a call to action instead.

In your Pre-Purchase Sharing code (that you got from step 4 above), remove the line that says "auto: true". Then, add a "Share for Coupon" button with a call to action instead. Here's the code for that:

Share for an additional 5% off right now! (customize and/or style this message of course)

Here's a great example of this, putting the sharing button right next to the coupon code box (this works great!):


What do you think? Have you tried this? Let the AddShoppers community know what worked for you!