How to succeed without popups (complete with data!)

How to succeed without popups (complete with data!)

In September 2016, a leading apparel retailer earned $2.50 for every email collected through traditional pop-ups and modals. Not bad, right?

In an early 2017 Q1 review (2/15 - 3/15), that jumped close to $7 for every email collected, equating to 180% revenue growth per email subscriber. Much better.

What caused the 180% growth in email acquisition?

Back in September 2016, the client was using AddShoppers’ legacy modal technology to influence and lift revenue. This resulted in 2.65% lifts in AOV, 89.65% lifts in Conversion Rate, and 94.67% lifts in Average Session Value. 

In November, the client launched the latest version of AddShoppers with our Portal; increasing overall site speed, time to load, and enabling more targeted micro-moment messaging.

The AddShoppers Portal has contributed to massive KPI increases. March 2017 analysis revealed increases across the board:  AOV (5.83%), conversion rate (268.28%), and per session value (289.76%) -- all higher than their previous average session values. 

See the graph below from their analytics to note the steady increase in conversions over time since implementing the new AddShoppers UX.

What would a better customer experience do for your KPIs? Let's talk data.