Client Success team restructured for maximum agility

Client Success team restructured for maximum agility

We’re constantly evaluating everything we do to make sure we’re aligned with our mission of enabling marketing agility for brands. After taking a hard look at our internal processes, we decided to completely restructure our Client Success team. 

One piece in a unit can’t be expected to perform the task of what really should be multiple components. When we think about how our Client Success team was structured before (one individual acting in three roles), that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it? 

Client Success now consists of 3 specialized roles with multiple individuals instead of one individual acting in three roles.  Before this change, your Client Success Manager completed Onboarding, Support, and Optimization which lead to delays and inefficiencies.

Specializing roles as we’ve grown have lead us to consistently perform at a higher level -- so let us show you how we’ve upgraded our team to give our clients maximum performance with the following 3 specialized roles: 

1. Onboarding

This team of project managers (led by our Director of Client Success + 5 others) will help get all of our clients set up using best practices as fast as humanly possible and is responsible for training so that you get the most out of AddShoppers long-term.

2. Support

This team of coders (led by our Senior Client Success Engineer + 4 others) will be available through Intercom,, or  This will constantly be monitored to ensure quick response times during Monday-Friday 8am - 6pm ET (weekends may take slightly longer, current average is within 10 minutes). Comprised of Client Success Engineers, this team is able to find solutions and make edits in real-time (and show you how they did it).

3. Optimization

This team of marketers and growth hackers (led by our Director of Growth + 3 others) will review your account to ensure you’re getting the most from our software.  This will allow us to make more proactive recommendations based on KPIs and stay aligned with your current marketing strategies. 

Our collaborative support is meant to increase our efficiency. You wanted faster response times to fix your problems immediately. No one enjoys being routed to someone else or having to wait to get something fixed. Now you can talk directly with the best resource for your problem instead of going through a “gate keeper.”

So here’s how our faster collaborative support is going to work: 

1. Intercom/Live Chat

When you have a problem that needs a real-time conversation in order to be fixed, 1:1 email communication bogs the process down. The big shift will be moving from internet snail mail to team collaboration using Intercom to improve response times and knowledge transfer.

Within your AddShoppers account and anywhere on you can find an orange Intercom chat bubble toward the bottom right of the page that our team constantly monitors.  Messaging us here will also go to our internal Slack channel that everyone sees as well as your record in our Salesforce CRM. 

2. Knowledgebase

We’ve also upgraded our Help Portal ( and continually improve it as questions from clients arise (video walkthroughs are on the way!). You can also access the Help Portal by clicking Knowledge Base in the top right of your AddShoppers account.

3. Email

Don’t worry, we’re not completely shying away from email! Just know that will route your message to our shared Intercom inbox so we can respond more rapidly. 

We’re excited to continue seeing how our new Client Success structure provides our clients with a whole new experience -- so far we’ve had incredible feedback. Our platform will always push to exceed expectations and deliver nothing short of an extraordinary experience.  

Click the orange Intercom chat icon in the bottom right to let us know how we’re doing!