Identity Resolution Buyer's Guide: 6 Critical Questions To Ask

Identity Resolution Buyer's Guide: 6 Critical Questions To Ask

So you’re looking to bring your marketing into the cutting edge with an identity resolution provider. Congratulations! In your search for the best solution that fits your business, make sure you keep these 6 critical questions in mind.

1. Do they own their data or are they just a middleman? 

This is the most important item on the list. You’ll find many “identity resolution” or “customer identity management” providers, but the vast majority of them are simply middlemen that purchase customer data from a third party, add some tools and services on top of that data, and charge a big markup to you.

As with anything else, it’s more cost-effective to go straight to the source, plus you’ll get fresher, more accurate data.

2. Where do they get their data from?

A frequently overlooked question to ask! Even if you’re working with a identity resolution provider with first-party data (see #1), it’s important to understand where their data actually comes from. Most providers rely on data from billions of ad impressions and device ID’s but that assumes that the ad targeting was perfect in the first place ― which it never is. 

3. How much of their data is addressable?

Just because an identity provider can match a customer doesn’t mean you can actually use that data! Often, providers will loosen up their criteria in order to improve the match rates that they can advertise, even if those matches aren’t actually usable by their clients. 

4. Can it integrate with your stack (CRM, ESP, etc)?

This should go without saying, but it’s worth including here for completeness. Unless your identity resolution provider can integrate with your tech stack, you’ll either be forced to pay for custom integrations or won’t be able to actually use your identity data in the first place.

5. Can it handle marketing campaigns or does it require integrations?

Since the entire point of identity resolution is to (a) remove the silos in your marketing data and (b) launch marketing campaigns against identities, why not remove another silo while turning your data into campaigns ― effectively killing two birds with one stone?

Most identity resolution providers are solely data platforms, but keep this in mind if you’re into consolidating vendors and keeping costs down.

6. Is it compliant with the regulations affecting your business?

Obviously, if your identity resolution solution doesn’t comply with regulations, it’s a non-starter! GDPR is a recently activated legislation to specifically watch out for, but check with your legal team to find out all the regulations you’ll need to remain compliant with.

We hope this helps with the search of the identity resolution partner of your dreams!

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