Jerry's Artarama Launches a Brand New Site Featuring AddShoppers!

Jerry's Artarama Launches a Brand New Site Featuring AddShoppers!

Reflecting on the insights of Newman from Seinfeld, “Tuesday has no feel. Monday has a feel. Friday has a feel. Sunday has a feel.”, we’d have to say he’s wrong, because Tuesday felt GREAT!

Why was this particular Tuesday not only feeling great, but downright celebratory?

It’s because our awesome client, Jerry’s Artarama, pioneer of retailing discount art supplies online, has just re-launched their website with a stunning new design, enhanced user experience, and AddShoppers tools like Trending WallSmart Sharing Buttons, and Purchase Sharing.

What is Jerry’s Artarama? (and who is Jerry?)

In 1965, Jerry Goldstein was managing a toy store in Long Island, and after asking a local art teacher for his supply list, he was shocked at the prices of the art supplies, as well as the fact that at that point, there were no discounted art supply stores. Jerry managed to convince his boss to start selling art supplies, and from there, the world’s first discount art supply store was launched.

Present day, Jerry's Artarama Superstores provide more than just incredible discount prices. They also provide instructional workshops, new art supply demos and special art related events. Providing the lowest prices and the best deals for artists is what Jerry’s mission has been for 45 years, and will continue to be.

So, huge congratulations are in order for these lovely clients of ours, because they’ve taken a step in the right direction through continuing their business growth. By integrating these three Apps on their website, Jerry’s Artarama is now identifying and engaging their on-site influencers more they they were ever able to previously.

Let's look a little more closely at the Apps they chose to integrate and why they chose them...

Why Trending Wall?

One of the major components of their new site is the Trending Wall, powered by AddShoppers. Michael Marchetta, Director of Marketing Operations at Jerry’s Artarama, wanted a way for customers to browse their catalog in a more engaging way, rather than just searching through categories.

This was a perfect idea for Jerry’s Artarama. Why?

Personally, when I’m scouring websites looking for arts and crafts tools to add to my creative arsenal, I really have no clue what I’m looking for, or what category I should even search in for products I don’t yet know I want (I know, it’s exhausting to wrap your head around, but bear with me).

With the addition of their Trending Wall, Jerry’s Artarama is opening their website up to a whole new world (cue Aladdin) of possibilities. The Trending Wall App shows in real time what other customers are sharing with their friends and family, i.e., what’s popular. Not only is this aspect of their website incredibly unique, but it also makes purchases and searches, easier for customers.

Additionally, this helps increase sales; customers are basically looking at a wall of popular items they may not have known they wanted... next thing they know, they have a cart full of hot glue, paint brushes and 4 containers of glitter, all because it was right in front of them.  All thanks to the products discovered in the Trending Wall. 

Why Smart Sharing Buttons?

The second AddShoppers App now in use by Jerry’s Artarama is our Smart Sharing Buttons. AddShoppers Smart Sharing Buttons are purpose-built to drive more revenue, capture more leads, and integrate with other on-site Influencer marketing campaigns.

The ability to not only understand who’s advocating for your brand through social sharing, but also track which purchases are resulting from sharing actions, are major keys in opening up a typically untapped marketing channel. As pictured above, customers can now share products across multiple social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Email, Pinterest, Tumblr, Polyvore, and LinkedIn. This increases product reach exponentially. Why would anyone limit themselves when it comes to this opportunity? Not Jerry’s Artarama, that’s for sure.

Smart Sharing Buttons are also integrable with Applications that promote incentives when products are shared out, such as, “Share XYZ for 20% off your purchase.” 

Why Purchase Sharing?

Lastly, Jerry's Artarama integrated Purchase Sharing. Along with the Smart Sharing Buttons, Purchase Sharing helps drive additional sharing and customer referral activity.

However, Purchase Sharing drives a different type of share than the more product-focused shares driven by the Smart Sharing Buttons embedded on the product detail pages. This gives it a couple key distinctions:

1. Social Proof

Product shares are great, but sharing a purchase creates more social proof with the sharer's audience. As customers share our their purchases, Jerry's Artarama is able to gain more exposure with a brand new audience. 

2. Universal benefit focused messaging.

Another other key point about their purchase sharing campaign is the message that is shared out. Rather than sharing out a specific product in this case, the focus is around the Jerry's Artarama brand. 


People that are shopping for art supplies usually all need different supplies. Especially if you're in school and taking different art classes than a friend. Not only that, but you tend to need more than one product at a time when ordering art supplies.

So, it doesn't make sense to share out specific products in this case because that would lead to a poor user experience for the people that click on the shared link (ultimately resulting in lower conversions).

Once again, congratulations, Jerry’s Artarama!

We’re always proud of our clients and we’re looking forward to seeing great success from you. We wish you the best of luck with your new website!