Maximize Your Digital Marketing Strategy with AddShoppers

Maximize Your Digital Marketing Strategy with AddShoppers

These days, digital marketers try everything to drive people to their sites. They spend thousands of dollars on large-scale marketing campaigns with the hope that it will increase site traffic and lead to conversions.

Often, the process is trial and error. It’s marketing gurus trying different tips and tricks to increase your click-through and conversion rates. However, it isn’t that simple. There just isn’t a quick fix to improve these metrics. But, there is good news: there is a solution and our team at Power Digital Marketing has perfected it.

The key to improving your digital marketing strategy and simultaneously driving more traffic and conversions is having as much integration as possible across all channels. This means constant communication and collaboration amongst every department – and a tool like AddShoppers to make it even more efficient.

To show you that this is the solution that works, take a look at how we increased revenues by 224%, new sessions by 74%, and conversion rates by 81% using social media, email marketing, and a little (read: a lot) of help from AddShoppers.

Some Background to Get Started

Power Digital teamed up with AddShoppers to optimize the digital marketing strategy for a mutual client. The client already had an impressive following and an equally impressive conversion rate. But we thought that we could make it even better by thinking outside of the box and offering a “Mystery Sale” to the client’s customers.

The Mystery Sale

In July, our social media and email marketing teams collaborated to create and promote a one-day “Mystery Sale” for our client’s customers. Using AddShoppers Behavioral Targeting, we created a custom modal that appeared only when someone clicked through an email or social media post. We uploaded 2,000 coupon codes ranging from 10 % to 50% off that would automatically appear in the customer’s browsers once they visited our client’s site (yes, there were 50% of codes available!).

Here’s the real zinger – the customers didn’t know how much their coupon code was worth until they got to checkout. So we were really betting on the power of human curiosity to pull this off successfully.

The Results

Apparently, it was a good bet! Compared to the client’s average sale, we increased sessions by 74%, conversion rates by 81%, and revenues by 224%. Additionally, the email click-through rate was up by more than 5% over the regular list average, and Facebook traffic to the site spiked by nearly 30%. Overall social revenue from this one-day Mystery Sale accounted for close to 10% of all social media revenue generated in July. These results are amazing!

Why The Strategy Worked

The special wasn’t the typical “get 20% off all orders today” sale. Instead, it created some uncertainty, appealing to people’s sense of curiosity. As a result, people were eager to see just how much of a discount they were going to get, which meant they had to visit the site. You can see why there was a huge uptick in traffic to the site that day.

Besides piquing customers’ curiosity, we also made the stakes high. Offering 50% off is much higher than our client’s typical discount. The possibility of receiving a savings of that much prompted customers to take the plunge and add items to their cart. The fact that they had to have items in their cart to discover the value of their coupon code, meant that they were pretty deep into the checkout process before having to decide whether to buy the items in their cart or abandon them. With normal sales, the customer makes the decision to convert before they even reach the site.

With this experiment, we learned that with a little bit of money, a whole lot of collaboration, and help from an extraordinary platform like AddShoppers, we were able to successfully conduct a high-stakes flash sale that drove record numbers of traffic to the site.

Would you like to improve your own digital marketing strategy? Contact AddShoppers and arm yourself with the proper tools to make your strategy successful. 


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Alexa Engelhart, Content Marketing Specialist: As a Content Marketing Specialist at Power Digital You Marketing in San Diego, California, Alexa Engelhart creates ROI-driven email and content marketing campaigns for clients in a variety of industries. Power Digital Marketing uses forward-thinking, data-propelled strategy to connect clients with online consumers.

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