Feature Friday: Mobile Abandonment Targeting

Feature Friday: Mobile Abandonment Targeting

Mobile now comprises over 50% of client traffic. 

Understanding that statistic then leads into the question of, “Are you doing anything to convert these mobile browsers into buyers?” If the answer is no, you need to re-think your on-site marketing strategy, and fast.

While optimizing the desktop version of your site is important, focusing on your mobile strategy is vital. 

We understand the need for mobile responsiveness to capture shoppers attention, which is why all AddShoppers behavioral targeting campaigns are adaptable to mobile! 

All of the functions that desktop behavioral targeting (BT) offers are available on mobile. While modals are typically triggered by cursor movements, mobile BT is touch responsive, can also be segmented for different trigger points, and incorporate the 1:1 personalization that makes desktop BT so effective (proven to boost conversions by up to 617%). 

You can choose to have the modal show upon customer arrival to your site, when they try to open a new tab or hit the “back” button on their smartphone. This functionality works well to curb the looming issue of cart abandonment on mobile -- offering mobile friendly incentives to checking out on their current device is a great way to boost cart conversion rates and drive email capture. 

So, are you ready to kick your mobile marketing strategy into gear?