Must-have Tech Tools for Social Media Gurus

Must-have Tech Tools for Social Media Gurus

Editor's note: The following is a guest post by Michelle Smith (bio below). Enjoy!

Social media gurus are a special breed of people with a high level of commitment. Whether you get paid to manage a businesses social media account or you have your own pages to care for (or both), it’s more than a full time job. You work after hours, through important events, before you shut your eyes to sleep, and as soon as your open them in the morning.

Even with all that time required, you wouldn’t function without Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and any other social media site. Make sure you have these tools to quickly grow your audience and your impact on them.

1. Tablet

AddShoppers tablet mockup

This tool is an obvious one, but you wouldn’t believe how many people manage their pages on a smartphone. While you’re on the go, dump the phone and pull out a tablet. Like your smartphone, you can bring it with you wherever, but the large screen is much more functional.

A tablet allows you to use every social media tool without the need to squint your eyes to see. As Kevin C. Tofel puts it on, “the tablet experience is simply better for browsing, apps, email and nearly everything else I can think of. Much like we’re shifting computer tasks to mobile apps on devices, our smartphone activities can easily shift over to tablets for this reason.”

What tablet should you choose? We're personally fans of the new iPad Air and the Microsoft Surface. Whatever you choose, make sure that the apps that you need are available on your tablet.

With a tablet, you won’t even need your smartphone or laptop for any social media related task. Best of all – you can use all the following tools with your tablet!

2. Mention

mention monitoring application logo
mention monitoring application logo

See when and where your name or brand is mentioned on all social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs, or other websites. A Mention account takes just a minute to set up but can offer powerful benefits.

You’ll get stats on your mentions so that you can grow your social media account and compare yourself to competitors. And it’s not just limited to your brand – check out where your industry has been mentioned, your competition or any other piece of information you might be interested in.

If you’re logged into your account, you can respond via Facebook or Twitter to any mention. And for the social media gurus working as a team, you can collaborate and manage with Mention.

3. Fiber-optic Internet

google fiber logo
google fiber logo

Your Internet speed might be great at work, but as soon as you get home, the speeds drop. When you work 40+ hours a week, the last thing you want to do is waste half of your free evening trying to upload an Instagram video or a picture to a blog.

Since social media is a never-ending job, you need speeds at home faster than dial-up and Internet that won’t slow down during peak hours like cable does. Fiber-optic Internet offers the fastest speeds, and ones that aren’t compromised by others’ Internet use.

In certain areas of the country, Google Fiber offers Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps and Verizon Internet offers up to 500 Mbps. With faster Internet speeds, you can get more done on social media in less time.

4. DivvyHQ

divvyhq logo
divvyhq logo

Cloud computing is an important tool for social media experts, and DivvyHQ is a great instrument to start with. This tool is mostly for bloggers, but can help anyone with a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account stay organized.

It’s described as, “a cloud-based, content planning and production workflow tool built to help marketers and content producers get/stay organized and successfully execute demanding, complicate and content-centric marketing initiatives.”

Use it to plan your content for days, weeks and months to come. Assign social media projects to coworkers. Produce new content. Collaborate online for new social media campaigns. Because this tool can aid your social media work on many levels, it’s a must-have.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few tools that social media experts should’ve started using years ago – but need to be mentioned because not everyone is onboard.

  • HootSuite – Manage all your social media accounts without having to log in and out of each website. Schedule posts for the weeks to come. Even measure the results from each campaign.
  • SocialFlow – This tool analyzes your social media page to help decide the best time to publish different types of content. It will look at your audience and their responses to figure out when it’s best to spend money on promoted tweets, posts and stories.

WordPress SEO or Google Analytics – If you have a blog or a website, it’s important to use some sort of analytic tool. See what is bringing people to your page, which pages are most popular and other valuable stats.

About the author:

Michelle Smith is a college junior pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing. She enjoys writing on anything and everything related to social media, branding, and public relations. She welcomes your feedback at