How To Make An Impact On Niche Holidays

How To Make An Impact On Niche Holidays

Did you miss the opportunity to make a marketing impact on National Beer Day? More importantly, have you wondered how your brand can take advantage of other niche holidays?

Everyone loves a reason to celebrate seemingly mundane things - especially if there’s drinking, food, or a reason to show off involved. Kicker is, consumers will shell out some cold, hard cash for a chance to be included in these trendy “holidays.”

It’s easy for brands to overlook building a marketing strategy around these niche holidays because they aren’t exactly official. However, a smart marketer understands that because most brands clutter consumers’ inboxes with promotions for major holidays, like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, there’s major opportunity around smaller holidays. The marketing around these events is way less saturated and almost ANYTHING can be applicable to any brand with a little humor.

Humor fits into everyone’s branding. Why? Because everyone likes to laugh, and people love to be surprised. These days, consumers are looking to buy from companies with more than just a great product -- they want the brand to have a human element. A tweet/blog post/Instagram caption that’s out of left field really can go a long way, and can potentially expand your customer outreach.

So, how can you integrate a silly holiday into your marketing strategy to increase sales and social engagement?


Discounts: Save That Money

You have the element of surprise at your fingertips, so use it! Your customers probably aren’t expecting a one day discount code for National Beer Day, so stand out from your competition and DO IT. It’s something so small that can go a long way.

Here’s a plus: the coupon codes for that particular day can be customized to be be good for only that day, meaning your business doesn't have to offer log-term discounts. Because this is such a great, one time offer, your audience will share it with their friends, driving like-minded referral traffic back to your store. Try offering 10-20% off, or BOGO deals; in the grand scheme of things, it’s nothing major for one day.


Excuse Me, Your Humanity is Showing

Get some employee perspective going on these niche holidays. Hand over the Instagram handle to a trusted employee (not one that will go rogue and end up following 1000s of dog accounts) and let them post about what that specific day looks like for them. It’s a great way to mix-up your postings and give your followers a behind the scenes look into your company culture.

Consumers look to connect to brands that exude relatability. They want to feel like the company that they’re buying from understands them and has related interests. Call it a millennial thing, but we call it an everyone thing. You’re friends with your friends because of common interests, shared values, etc… so don’t overlook the aspect of humanity.


Tweak to be *Slightly* Relevant

Trying to dip your toe into niche marketing is great, but make sure you don’t go too far out of left field and hurt your brand. If your company sells workout equipment, it might be a little off brand to offer a discount because of No Diet Day (coming up May 6th, we can’t wait). However, you could offer a coupon code if it’s National Running Day, or honestly even National French Fry Day (if you’re okay with really throwing some direct humor out there) --  imagine the content you could pair with that!


Throw a Contest Into the Mix

Coupon codes and customer interactions are great to implement, but how about a quick yet impactful contest and/or giveaway? Much like the one day coupon codes, your contest can have the same shelf life, or last even longer. Niche holidays aren’t always limited to one day (looking at you, July, which is conveniently “National Ice Cream Month”), so have some short-lived or long-term fun!

Hosting a contest is a great way to drive incremental traffic to your website during these holidays. For example, have visitors submit a picture of themselves and their dogs on National Dog Day for a chance to win a product or a gift card. This gets them interacting with your website and it gives you an opportunity to capture rich data (email, birthday, gender, name, etc) about potential and existing customers, which can be used later on for other marketing endeavors. 


Brands That Did It Right

Turns out, it’s kind of hard to find examples of companies promoting on these days and that's a good thing. This means it’s not an overtapped market. Take a look at the few examples that we dug up that show different promotions, tweaked to fit each brand (feel free to venture out into the creative zone though!):

Take advantage of these great opportunities to drive revenue and reap the rewards for days to come! Get a jump start and start preparing now. We’ve started the leg work for’s just a small list of the upcoming “holidays” you can choose from:


  1. National Cheeseball Day (17th)

  2. International Jugglers Day (18th)

  3. National High Five Day (21st)

  4. National Honesty Day (30th)


  1. National Teachers Day (3rd)

  2. No Diet Day (6th)

  3. Friday the 13th (guess what, this is the only one in 2016)

  4. National Drink Wine Day (25th)