New Feature Release: Custom Short URLs

New Feature Release: Custom Short URLs

You work hard to maintain your brand’s strict standards both on and offline. We understand how important this is, so our team is constantly seeking out new ways to help you meet that goal. 

We’ve made this happen in the past by enabling you with the ability to customize your Smart Sharing Buttons, use one-time or unique coupon codes in the Social Rewards App, and customize the Trending Wall in many different ways from sorting options, to pagination type, and even determining number of items per page. 

You spoke again, and we listened! Can you picture the share link that lives in all of our sharing modals and represents your brand when it’s shared out to social media sites? If not, here’s a screenshot to refresh your memory:

That share link is what allows our Platform to track actual sales back to influencers and their shares to social networks. is the standard AddShoppers short URL and some of you have requested to have the ability to update this in a way that would more accurately reflect your brand. 

Great news, now you may use your own short URL instead of Don’t worry, using your own won’t interrupt any of the tracking you love about AddShoppers, you’ll just build brand awareness while doing so. The icing on the cake is, just like with all AddShoppers features, set-up is a breeze. 

You may be asking, which AddShoppers Apps does this apply to? The short (no pun intended) answer is: any App that drives referral traffic by facilitating the process of sharing on-site content, off-site. 

These are: Sharing Buttons, Social Rewards, Purchase Sharing, Social Contests, and Refer-a-Friend

To learn more, contact your AddShoppers Client Success Manager or click here to get in touch.