New Feature Release: Instagram Follow Button & Faster Load Times

New Feature Release: Instagram Follow Button & Faster Load Times

Does your brand have an Instagram account? Are you struggling to gain valuable followers that interact with your posts on a regular basis? Or maybe your growth has plateaued? 

We’ve got the perfect solution for you! Now available is our new “Follow On Instagram” button. Just like our other apps, you have the flexibility to customize your button and and place it wherever you want on your site! 

Try out the button below to Follow AddShoppers on Instagram:

This feature can also be integrated with our Behavioral Targeting App -- for example, if someone is abandoning their cart on your store, we can trigger a popup that gives the customer access to a special landing page by following your Instagram account. Once on the page, a coupon can be offered. Using this approach you’ll be gaining more Instagram followers AND decreasing your cart abandonment rate.  

Because our Instagram Follow Buttons can detect whether or not a user successfully follows your Instagram account, you can trigger messages based on follow status. Just like Behavioral Modals can be shown to non-followers in the example above, we can also trigger a message after someone successfully follows you. Here are some ideas:

  • Thank your new followers and let them know what’s coming up on your Instagram Feed (Contests, Polls, How-To’s, etc.)
  • Offer special access to an Instagram exclusive landing page just for your followers

Furthermore, robust error reporting comes standard with any of our Follow On Instagram integrations. We can detect if any errors occur while following your account and act accordingly. If the follow is unsuccessful or the user already follows your account, a different message or instructions to troubleshoot and try again can be displayed in order to avoid frustration.

AddShoppers Now Loads Faster

In addition to this new Instagram integration, we recently made vast improvements to our infrastructure to help boost load times of our Javascript widget. AddShoppers has always loaded asynchronously in order to prevent interference with your site, but if pagespeed is a priority for you (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want faster pagespeed) this is great news. AddShoppers now loads faster and improves scores by 5% or more across pagespeed diagnostic tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights!

If you're into all the tech specs, here are some of the things that we did to boost loading speed:

  • Added Gzip compression to literally everything
  • Set optimal expiration headers
  • Cleaned up our codebase
  • Beefed up our server infrastructure

To learn more about these new features and our other Apps, contact your AddShoppers Client Success Manager or click here to get in touch with someone to get started.