New Google+ Share Button Now Integrated

New Google+ Share Button Now Integrated

In case you haven’t heard, Google recently released a new ‘Share’ button for its social network, Google Plus. This button was designed to work more like the Facebook Share button, where the original Google+ button was more akin to Facebook’s Like button. Here’s a quick look at the new Google button:

Google Plus Share Button

 If you're using our general sharing button, it's been added automatically so there's no need to update.  However, if you want an individual button as pictured above, you'll need to login to your admin panel to get the code.

 On our sharing panel, you’ll find it under ‘More’:

 If you don’t have AddShoppers on your site yet, then sign up now and you’ll have access to the new Google Plus Share button, as well as Facebook "Want" and more.  Oh, and our powerful social analytics of course.