New Integration: How To Increase Engagement and Conversions with AddShoppers & Optimizely

New Integration: How To Increase Engagement and Conversions with AddShoppers & Optimizely

What came first, the chicken or the egg? An answer to this riddle may seem unachievable, and let’s face it, biology just isn’t our strong suit. So let’s try this riddle a different way:

What comes first, data or implementation?

Well when put that way, the riddle is simple. The answer being: data.

Say you’re a company that sells toys of all shapes, sizes, noise-levels and age ranges, and you want to inject more personalization into your marketing in order to delight your customers...and boost conversions.

The first step in this situation is to gather more data on your customers like their birthday, gender, email, etc, so that you can personalize your messaging across all of your customer touchpoints -- emails, on your website, in your mailers, and more.

The first issue is: How do you get your customers to enter in all of that data?

One solution would be to bombard your customers with forms. You could ask your customers to fill out extra fields when they create an account or checkout. However, there are a couple problems to this approach:

  1. If you make these fields mandatory, you’ll almost always see a drop in conversions. This means lost revenue (and customer frustration)!
  2. If you include these fields but keep them optional, most people won’t fill them out, so you’re back at square one with no data. And there’s a good likelihood that your conversions will still suffer from the extra clutter.

So what’s the solution?

The process is simple if your company uses AddShoppers Social Login and Smart Sharing Buttons. By having these Apps integrated into your company’s website, getting data from customers is easy and it doesn’t require them to do any manual data entry. When they connect via Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, and other social networks, you get access to their rich data.

Rich data: Customer profile data that can be turned actionable. Meaning, you can target specific offers, brands, etc, by having access to information like birthday, gender, email, profile images, how much revenue they’ve driven as an influencer, and more.  

How can you turn the data into something more that will enhance your customer's shopping experience while increasing conversions?

One thing many of our customers do is use Apps like Behavioral Targeting to power modals with personalized messaging. Another great option is to use our integrations with ESPs like Bronto and Campaigner so you now have more rich data for email segmentations.

However, what if you want to use this rich data to personalize other parts of your website? For example, you might want to easily customize your homepage to match a person’s demographic and interests.

That question is what led us to build an integration with Optimizely, the leading Experience Optimization Platform for A/B testing and personalization.

If you’re not familiar with Optimizely, their platform lets any business use A/B testing and personalization to optimize experiences and increase revenues. They are the number one most adopted optimization platform among the Alexa Top 10,000 Websites and the top mobile app optimization platform for iOS and Android.

With this integration, you can now increase the conversion rates in your Optimizely experiments with rich profile data.

Here’s how it works:

With AddShoppers, you’ll be collecting rich influencer data as we described above. Our integration passes that data directly into Optimizely, so you can enhance your experiments with data like birthday, gender, profile image, and more.

Side note: Rich 1:1 personalization data in your messaging has been shown to increase conversions by up to 617%.

Let’s bring the reality of this integration to life by bringing it back to your toy company.

I’m on your website, shopping for gifts. I’m prompted to share the video game I’m viewing on my Facebook to receive 20% off my purchase. To do that I log in to Facebook while still on your website, and I share it. When my profile information kicks back, you can see that I’m 21-years-old, female, in college, and my interests range from Minecraft to Star Wars.

By taking this data from AddShoppers and passing it into your Optimizely account via our new integration, you just changed the shopping game for me. So when I go back to your company’s website, I’ll see things that match up with my age range, gender, and my specific interests.

That makes me MUCH more likely to stick around, browse products, and potentially drive another sale on my end. Why?

By utilizing those two platforms, your company has been able to show me, the customer, everything that I possibly could be interested in, all without having to do the heavy lifting (let’s face it, clicking through categories is a chore). When customers are able to see what they want quickly, the more likely they are to make a purchase -- time is money, and money is time, am I right? Not to mention, my Facebook feed always beckons...

That’s one example of how our integration with Optimizely can boost your customer experience while simultaneously increasing conversions and driving more revenue. However, the opportunities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

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