New Partner Spotlight: Roaring

New Partner Spotlight: Roaring

The Big Cat is ready to roar! We at AddShoppers are excited to announce our new partnership with Roaring, business software to help small businesses to work smarter, better, faster.

According to Forrester, business-focused software as service (SaaS) is the leading and fastest growing segment of the cloud computing industry. Small businesses view SaaS as an opportunity to access enterprise-class applications that are normally out of reach.

The sheer size and diversity of the enterprise software available, however, creates tremendous confusion among buyers. As they must determine not only which solutions to consider, but also how many. Many savvy business owners recognize that the software provided can significantly help them to work smarter, but simply do not have the time to spend doing tons of research across multiple sites to find the right solution for them.

How, then, can busy business owners find the perfect solution for their specific needs?

Enter Roaring….

Roaring looks to connect small business owners to brilliantly simple and powerful software in a vendor neutral online marketplace. Our open ecosystem focuses on serving the core needs of small business owners and catering to a huge proliferation of SaaS startups. A stark contrast to a closed ecosystem like Salesforce App Exchange, which will always be limited to Salesforce vendors.

With Roaring you can discover, compare and select from a wide range of business software organized by the key needs of every small business owner:

Roaring provides a completely free service for software buyers and vendors alike, giving buyers access to great new software and helping vendors extend their reach. According to the company, “Roaring helps vendors to reach an audience of active, qualified buyers, and thus significantly lowers the cost and time to get new customers”.

It offers practical, user friendly information in a language that any small business owner can understand. Presenting the key features of each business software, along with screen shots and customer reviews, buyer can quickly evaluate each vendor’s service. Plus, Roaring’s blog discusses the benefits of each software category available, such as 10 benefits of Accounting Software. Armed with this information buyers can visit individual vendor’s websites to get more details, request a demo, start a free trial or purchase a subscription.

Roaring has turned the chaos of business cloud software into order. “We will shave off weeks of frustrating online research, and significantly reduce the costs involved in making a decision.”

But wait, there’s more.

Roaring also offers other services, such as a Consultation program to help small business owners find the right software to meet their unique needs. Interested businesses can contact the Roaring team with details about their software requirements. A Roaring Consultant responds to each inquiry, helping buyers understand the key features and benefits each vendor provides, make comparisons between companies, and shaing recommendations that enable the buyer to make the right decision.

According to the company “Finding the right software for your business can be a daunting and frustrating process. And with more solutions to choose from and more features to consider, it’s a lot for any business owner or software buyer to take in. That’s why our software experts are on-hand to work with you to understand your needs, vision and goals for growth and provide personalised guidance on the most appropriate software to fit with your plans”.

So Start Roaring, and work smarter, better, faster.

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