Oracle and Blue Acorn Reflect on AddShoppers’ Solution to Google’s Algorithm Update

Oracle and Blue Acorn Reflect on AddShoppers’ Solution to Google’s Algorithm Update

Over the last six months, we’ve seen a steady stream of chatter surrounding Google’s upcoming algorithm update. January 10th, or what we’re lovingly calling “Popup Doomsday”, is coming soon whether you’re ready or not. Two of our industry leading partners, Oracle and Blue Acorn, want to ensure the ecosystem is prepared too. These influential partners have seen how we’re changing the way consumers shop online and want to get our doomsday solution in front of as many eyes as possible.

To produce a “Popup Doomsday” solution that outperforms current intrusive marketing tactics; we combined our analysis of leading commerce marketer needs, their customer’s feedback, and intensive experience testing. We’re calling it the Portal and the results have been incredible.

Helping to educate the public, So Young Park, Direct of Customer and Product Strategy for Oracle Commerce reflected with us on the specifics of Google’s changes, cementing urgency for adaptation to change.

Elliot Volkman, Blue Acorn’s Digital Marketing Manager, also published an eye-opening article covering a discussion he held with Chad Ledford, our Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. The post covers how the impending updates will affect industry retailers.

These partners support our belief that development and testing of new marketing techniques with our newest product are essential in continually helping marketers meet and exceed their goals. 

So, for those of you who don’t already know, when we caught wind of Google’s Algorithm changes, we knew two things:

  1. We must act fast.
  2. We had the ability to generate a timely solution and emerge as industry front runners.

The dilemma with being the first company to ship a cutting edge solution to a new and large-scale issue is performance skepticism and finding marketers willing to undergo beta testing.

Thankfully, our amazing clients embrace agility and testing as part of their business process. While in beta, these clients integrated the Shopper Portal to their marketing strategy and ended up rolling in huge percentage increases to their KPIs during a critical Q4. 

Potential skepticisms of feature performance faded when a client drove an additional 47% total revenue in three days using our updated solution. They’ve since made the Portal a key part of their marketing strategy. 

Popup Doomsday’s January 10th deadline is closing in fast. Keep your eyes and ears open to our critical upcoming updates on how “Popup Doomsday” is changing the digital landscape.


About Oracle + Author:

Oracle offers a fully integrated stack of applications, databases, servers, storage and cloud technologies that empower and service more than 420,000 modern businesses and deployments in 145 countries. Oracle Cloud accelerates customers’ digital transformation by enabling technical agility. 

Author, So Young Park, is the Director of Customer and Product Strategy for Oracle Commerce and an eCommerce and online marketing veteran. Park’s 18+ years of industry leadership earned her features in prominent industry outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Internet Retailer, and more, as a valuable thought leader. 

About Blue Acorn + Author:

As an award-winning eCommerce agency, Blue Acorn provides superior eCommerce results through data-driven solutions through beautiful website design, site development, and eCommerce specific optimization. 

Author, Elliot Volkman, is Blue Acorn’s Digital Marketing Manager. He is also co-founder of and Advisor to Digital District, as well as a Tech.Co reporter. As a leader in eCommerce with more than a decade of digital and marketing experience, Volkman joined Blue Acorn to develop impactful digital strategies and create engaging content.