Partner Spotlight: Shopify+

Partner Spotlight: Shopify+

Shopify, a Canadian start-up and one of Addshoppers’ partners, is a solution to help build your eCommerce online store. Last month, they launched Shopify+ as the company began expanding to bigger clients resulting in a need to adapt to bigger demands. While their standard platform has amazing tools for eCommerce businesses of all sizes, Shopify+ is definitely worth checking out. It’s the newer, bigger, and more impressive tool. Check out some of the features and benefits compared below.


With Shopify, they give you the essential basics in running an eCommerce online store. 

  • Complete control over the design of your site using over 100 professional templates. 
  • Sale notifications can be sent to your email or phone, simplifying management, and can easily integrate with shipping and tracking details. Shopify POS gives you the tools to make in-person sales safely and quickly with a free card swiper that attaches to your phone or iPad. 
  •  Other features include blogging platforms, secure shopping cart, 70 payway gateways, automatic taxes, multiple languages, email marketing, and more.

Shopify powers over 150,000 businesses and has helped customers sell over 7 billion dollars in products.


With Shopify+, you get all the features of Shopify, plus additional features needed to run a high volume store. 

  • You get complete control over the look and feel of your website layout, content, and branding in any way you like, without the restriction of pre-made templates.
  • Credit card rates are negotiable by accepting payments through Shopify+. Shopify+ is certified PCI DSS compliant, meaning you get the same level of security that the bank does. 
  • 7000+ CPU cores, 99.97% server uptime, and 200TB storage, making sure your site won’t go down. There’s no limit on your sales volume thanks to unlimited bandwith and being able to withstand 500,000 hits per minute. 
  • With many more additional features, you also get top priority 24/7 support. 
  • Some of the big client names include Google, LA Lakers, Patagonia, and many more

Impressive, right?

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