Hashtags on Pinterest: What They Are and How To Use Them With AddShoppers

Hashtags on Pinterest: What They Are and How To Use Them With AddShoppers
pinterest hashtags

Pinterest has a tagging system using the same hashtag method that you’re probably highly familiar with thanks to Twitter. If not, a hashtag is when someone applies a tag to represent the topic of the post so that people can find both related content and your content in related searches. These tags are applied when the number symbol, aka, the hash sign (#) is put in front of a the word/phrase you want as your tag (ex: #pinterest).

Utilizing these tags is a great way to have your Pinterest account, pins, and website’s pins be discovered by people browsing searching through related content. These aren’t going to be ordinary customers or visitors either. Due to the tags you’ve now brought them in based on their interests, making them more likely to buy/stick around for awhile.

How To Use Them When You Post:

Applying Pinterest Hashtags is extremely simple. Just put a # before your tag word.

Pinterst Pin Example

This will cause the word to be bolded slightly in your post and become a search link that forwards people to “pinterest.com/search/?q=Yourhashtag”. When people now run that same search by clicking the hashtag on someone else’s profile, they’ll find your content in the mix.

The end result should look like this, where your tags are slightly bolder and clickable.

Pinterst tag example

How To Use Them For Your Site, Using Addshoppers:

Applying Pinterest hashtags to your site’s pinable content is just as easy thanks to Addshoppers. Here’s what you need to do:

  • If you haven’t already; install Addshoppers onto your site/store, because it's fantastic.
  • Sign into your Dashboard
  • Select "Integrations" on the left side menu
  • Click on "Pinterest"
  • Apply the Relevant tags to the form field shown below. Be sure to include a # before each tag, uses spaces and new #s to separate multiple tags
Pinterest hashtags form field
  • Click “Update” to save your tags
  • Go to your site and test your new Pinterest button
  • Get yourself a Cookie for a job well done - you know you want one

The tags here will be applied site-wide so make sure that they are relevant to your site’s overall content. If you’re an art dealer consider things like #sculptures, or #painting.

You can also make this something branded that leads people to more of your content.

Tips For Use:

Don’t Use Super Vague Tags Instead using #art, a super vague term, try #paintings or possibly even more specific if you can. Even though the purpose of tags is help people find your content, terms like “art” are going to produce hundreds of thousands if not millions of results. The more specific you can get the better.

Use Tags to Brand Content You can do #yourbrandname on pins stemming from your site so people easily find more of the products/images pinned from your site that have been pinned by you or visitors hitting your Addshoppers pin buttons.

Use Tags To Manage Content Much like tagging your brand name, if you’re running a contest/promotion you can keep track of entries and allow people to view other entries by mandating a specific unique tag for the contest/promotion.

Written by: Mitchell Abdullah