Pinterest Promoted Pins Open to All Businesses

Pinterest Promoted Pins Open to All Businesses

Earlier this week Pinterest announced that they’ve finished beta testing promoted pins and will open the advertisements to all U.S.-based businesses starting January 1st. Promoted pins began beta testing eight months ago with a select group of advertisers and apparently Pinterest liked what they saw.

Brands that participated in the beta testing saw promoted pins perform as good as, if not better than, organic pins - achieving a 30% increase in ‘earned media’ or, in layman's terms, the number of people who saved a promoted pin to one of their boards. Plus the promoted pins continued to see a 5% increase in earned media the month following the original campaign.

And this success wasn’t just limited to Pinterest’s core categories (think: home goods and clothing). Financial services, auto and food brands, and a wide array of advertisers experienced similar success with their own promoted pins.

Even More Exciting News

Pinterest has also announced what they are calling the Pinstitute, a business learning program that will help advertisers understand how to connect with pinners and see increased success with Pinterest advertising. The program will focus on both creatives and measurements to ensure business fully understand how to make the highest performing ads possible. Like promoted pins, the Pinstitute is starting out with a select beta group before launching a series of webinars and online learning tools for smaller businesses.

Will you use promoted pins?