Recap: SIA Snow Show 2016

Recap: SIA Snow Show 2016

We had a great time attending SIA Snow Show 2016 last month in beautiful Denver, Colorado! In January, of all months, we happened to luck out with excellent weather.

The main reason for our attendance was to contribute to Industry & Intelligence day which kicked off Snow Show this year. It was a FREE day of seminars, keynotes, and networking all focused around 6 core tracks:

  1. State of the Industry
  2. Manufacturing and Production
  3. Business Development
  4. Marketing & Social Media
  5. Specialty Retailer Series
  6. Featured SIA + NSAA Joint Session

Surrounded by industry leaders such as Affirm, Blue Acorn, Bronto Software, Rackspace Digital, OwnerIQ, and Swiftype, we learned so much about the state of the Snow Sports Market.

Highlights from I & I  Day include:

  • A session by Jay Atkinson of Blue Acorn titled, “Know your Customer to Keep your Edge Online.” He dove into what’s possible in terms of customizing each of your customer’s experience in order to give them a highly personalized encounter throughout their on-site journey.
  • A session by Greg Zakowicz of Bronto Software titled, “Key Lifecycle Marketing Tactics that Drive Revenue.” Greg exposed the benefits of going beyond a “batch email” approach to your marketing automation strategy by delivering messages based on a customer’s position in their life cycle with your brand.
  • A Keynote Session by Bryan Johnson, VP of Marketing at GoProIt was awesome learning from the GoPro Team, however our favorite part of the session was when Chris Davenport joined Bryan on stage for a live Q&A which highlighted that there is an audience for every kind of content, so anyone is capable of creating great content.

We’d also like to propose that all conferences adopt the same dress code as Snow Show. It was quite refreshing wearing sports gear throughout the week. We can’t wait to see everyone again next year!