Shark Tank Survivors Leverage AddShoppers

Shark Tank Survivors Leverage AddShoppers

ABC’s Shark Tank has been on air for over 5 years. The hugely popular television program provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to give business presentations to a panel of investors in hopes of receiving funding and mentorship. The mentors, or Sharks as they’re known on the show, include big names in various sectors of business like Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary. But, whether they make a deal or not, some Shark Tank survivors have decided to get smart about their social commerce with AddShoppers.

Citi Kitty

First appearing on Shark Tank in 2011 during season two, Rebecca Rescate struck a deal with shark Kevin Harrington. Her company, Citi Kitty, produces a patented cat toilet training system. As an AddShoppers client, Citi Kitty’s eCommerce site will now utilize the Social Analytics, ROI Tracking and Purchase Sharing apps along with customized Smart Sharing Buttons and Conversion Saver offers. Start training your cat now.



Scott Jordan of SCOTTeVEST, TEC at time of air, didn’t cut a deal with a shark on season three in 2012. He’s been doing just fine on his own though with over 10 million of his patented pockets sold so far. The non-bulging pocket design is incorporated into apparel so wears can conceal, carry and access their tech gadgets with ease. With AddShoppers apps SCOTTeVEST effortlessly tracks on-site traffic and return on investment using our Social Analytics and ROI Tracking, respectively. The site also displays our Smart Sharing Buttons on product pages to allow customers to seamlessly spread the word of SCOTTeVEST. Discover your freedom here.

Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes creators Lena Phoenix and Steven Sashen of 2013’s season four didn’t make a deal either. But, their shoes designed as biomechanically identical to being barefoot, have continued to sell anyway. AddShoppers has installed their site with our Social Analytics, ROI Tracking and Smart Sharing Buttons to take advantage of their existing traffic and help amplify it to grow the company. Go (nearly) barefoot here.


Also in 2013’s season four, Mistobox’s Samantha Meis and Connor Riley made a deal with Mark Cuban. A coffee subscription box, Mistobox seeks to deliver great coffee to your door while exposing you to new flavors from around the world. The company leverages AddShopper’s Social Analytics app to track on-site activity and give them new insights on their customer base. Find your next cup of joe here.

Who will be the next Shark Tank Survivor to join AddShoppers?