Shopify app released for AddShoppers, hooray!

Shopify app released for AddShoppers, hooray!

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Using Shopify?  Want an easy way to increase social sharing and see exactly which social media sources are driving sales?

You're in luck, we've made it incredibly simple to do all of the things above (and more!) with the new AddShoppers App for Shopify.

Just how easy is it to install AddShoppers on a Shopify site? Let’s see:

  1. Sign up for AddShoppers.
  2. Install the AddShoppers Shopify App on your site.
  3. Configure AddShoppers to your liking

That’s it!  Three simple steps to away from social sharing that makes sense for eCommerce.

So, if you’re using Shopify, check us out on the Shopify App Store.

P.S.  We love positive reviews. *cough* :)



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