New: Social Login Buttons For eCommerce Sites

New: Social Login Buttons For eCommerce Sites
Social login buttons example

There’s an old eCommerce story called the $300 million dollar button. As the story goes, people hate signing up and registering for accounts.

Our solution: Social Login, an easy to integrate social login system that allows merchants to allow logins and acquire user details from the user's social media and Amazon/Paypal profiles. We're super excited about this because it solves three major problems that plague almost all online retailers: cumbersome account registration, tedious password memorization, and complex checkout forms.

What sales-boosting benefits happen when you integrate Social Shopper Login onto your site?

  1. Shopping cart abandonment decreases and conversion rates increase.
  2. Registration rates increase.
  3. Decreased input errors.
  4. It enables one click sharing if they're using our sharing widget.

AddShoppers’ goal is not only to help you understand what social media is doing for you through our social analytics, and to provide great social media buttons that increase shares but we have a desire to help your store convert better and sell more.

We started this trend by releasing the Social Rewards system allowing stores to provide coupons to customers when they shared a product. Now we’re releasing this newest feature to help store owners make user account creation and checkout forms quicker and easier.

social media login example
social media login example

The simple fact is shoppers hate registering for new accounts, remembering those passwords, and double checking their entries. Not only that, but they also hate filling out checkout forms (billing address, shipping address, name and email, etc). This results in a large amount of cart abandonment, wrong or unfinished user account creations, and lower margins because of needed remarketing efforts.

With the Social Login Buttons you can allow your customers to create an account with the information stored in their existing social networking accounts. In addition, we'll pull whatever data is available and pre-fill the checkout fields, reducing the number of "evil", time consuming form fields that your customers must fill out.

End result? Registrations and conversions go up!

Learn more about the AddShoppers platform, including Social Login.