AddShoppers & Lighting New York Collaborate on Successful Social Referral Contest (Case study)

AddShoppers & Lighting New York Collaborate on Successful Social Referral Contest (Case study)

lighting_add_banner Recently, Lighting New York ran a March Madness contest to build their email list and increase social sharing. They turned to AddShoppers to power their contest and allow people to enter by sharing their website.


How did AddShoppers help you run your contest?

We had two goals when we started this contest: to add emails our customer email list and to increase product sharing/promote our new product sharing capabilities. We needed a way to track unique product shares and to link those influencers that shared to the contest.

We came to AddShoppers for advice and they ended up providing us with an end-to-end solution. They gave us the code for a custom "sign-in" module and code which would allow us to adjust our display as users signed in and out of the competition. This allowed us to prevent users from sharing without already being tracked via Twitter or Facebook.

AddShoppers also provided us with a unique API call which allowed us to pull all shares and influencers within a time frame in one call. They made a lot of small adjustments to their systems so that this project would be possible such as extending out API call limit.

They also educated us on services, such as Social Rewards, that we weren't entirely sure how to use. All-in-all the service was far beyond what you would expect from a company for only $99/month! We were made raving fans through this experience.


What were your results from this contest?

The contest was a success. We have not attempted to create social goals before so we were unsure what numbers we were looking for. We received zero complaints from our customers and the contest ran smoothly without any technical glitches on the front end.

To advertise our contest, we placed ad banners throughout our site: in the header and on the brand pages related to the day of the contest. We sent out a daily email to our current email list. We posted on Facebook once a day (which automatically updated Twitter). We also created a Pin Board on Pinterest which added a new pin each day for the brand advertised.


The Results: The contest yielded a 167% growth in social sharing on our web site. In that share growth we saw a 213% growth in clicks and about a 214% growth in influencers. In the time of the contest we also saw our orders increase 100%. We consider this a victory and now have numbers to compare to and set goals against in our next contest.

Which social networks performed best?

We received entries via 9 different social networks. Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest were the 3 most popular networks at 34%, 32%, and 18% of all entries, respectively.

We were surprised to see Twitter at the top because before this project we had not received a single Twitter share. The rest of the outcome fell in line with our usual trends: Facebook, Pinterest, and Email seem to be out strongest social platforms.

What was the increase in traffic as a result?

Our social traffic exploded as you could see above, but our overall site traffic was actually slightly down in comparison to the prior 10 days. This could have been a result of the holiday, but at either rate we were satisfied because if we received about the same amount of traffic with over double the social interaction then we received a more qualified traffic.

How are you planning on using AddShoppers in the future? Any other innovative plans using our platform?

We have attempted multiple contests over the last two years, all of which mainly involved entering an email address. We were very pleased with the result of adding AddShoppers into the mix and fully intend on using them in our next contest.

We would like to work more with the AddShoppers team to come up with cleaner/simpler techniques to get users into the "share mode". We have many ideas that we believe if implemented into the AddShoppers environment will improve the customer experience. All of these ideas are posted in the AddShoppers eCommerce forum.

We also want to implement more of AddShoppers tools into our site as our social initiatives improve. The Discovery Wall and Floating Share Buttons are both great tools to get the customer in the mood to share. We also are looking into the Purchase Sharing plug-in that goes on the Thank You page. We are confident in AddShoppers' product and are looking forward to a long and rewarding relationship.