{Infographic} $5,000,000 Proves Social Sharing Drives Sales

{Infographic} $5,000,000 Proves Social Sharing Drives Sales

We've heard "Does social sharing drive sales?" countless times. After analyzing $5,000,000 worth of eCommerce transactions influenced by the AddShoppers social commerce platform, we've uncovered the following insights from thousands of merchants ranging from mom & pop shops to household brands like O'Neill Clothing and Everlast.

Social Commerce infographic
Social Commerce infographic

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Infographic by AddShoppers Social Commerce Platform, click for more SocialROI stats

#Infographic $5,000,000 Proves Social Sharing Drives Sales:shop.pe/5fNS5T via @addshoppers#ecommerce#SocialROI

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        • The average tweet is worth $1.62 to online retailers. Tweet this.
        • Every pin drives an average of $1.25 in revenue to an online retailer. Tweet this.
        • The majority of products shared on twitter are electronics. Tweet this.
        • The average online order influenced by a tweet is $181.37. Tweet this.
        • Product shares via email have the highest likelihood of turning into a purchase. Tweet this.
        • More people share apparel products than any other product category. Tweet this.
        • The average online order influenced by tumblr is $200.33, the highest of any social networking site.

Written by: Mitchell Abdullah