The Definitive Guide to Revenue Attribution

The Definitive Guide to Revenue Attribution

Have you ever wondered which marketing channels are REALLY contributing to your sales?

When you're running many different marketing campaigns across many different areas (PPC, email, display ads, retargeting ads, organic search, etc) AND most customers are touched by multiple campaigns before placing an order, it's becoming increasingly difficult to tell which campaigns are contributing to sales. 

Even when you can see exactly which campaigns touched a customer before they ordered, you still wonder how much each individual campaign contributed. 

For example, what's the value of ...

  • that first paid click versus...
  • the email that brought them back to the store versus...
  • the retargeting ad that they saw before ordering?

This is the challenge of accurate revenue attribution for eCommerce. 

It's a tough area to navigate, so that's why we created The Definitive Guide to Revenue Attribution.  It breaks down how to accurately track and attribute revenue to all of your traffic sources.

Download it free now and you'll have a much clearer picture of your marketing analytics and what works versus what doesn't.