Go Beyond Automated Customer Service

Go Beyond Automated Customer Service

Nothing is worse than needing help and getting an automated system with no way way out. “Operator.” “Representative.” “Problem with Internet." "No! I don't want to upgrade my service!" "Main Menu." AArrrrrrggghhhhhhh!!! Think about how irritating it is when all you’re looking for is a little help and you have to jump through hoops to get it. While you may wish this upon your worst enemy, you most certainly would not want any of your clients to experience this when they’re interacting with your brand. The goal should be for every one of your clients to feel as though they’re your ONLY client. The advent of various amazing CSM software platforms may allow you to “scale” a lot of your client success tasks - but how do you achieve scale and also keep it from feeling robotic to your clients? How can you “humanize” your customer service experience? It’s one of the great questions of the 21st century. Hyperbole? Maybe. But for Client Success teams this is everything.

Have your CSMs maintain a rhythm of outreach.

Throughout their life-cycle, your clients’ need to reach out to you will ebb and flow, but your opportunity to maintain an open communication channel is ever-present. This opportunity is something your Client Success Team should always take advantage of. Maybe it’s a weekly email (automated only if you must, but always written genuinely) or perhaps it’s a monthly health-check call.

Don't be myopic in your approach. 

Encourage your CSMs to discuss with their clients, not only how things are going on your platform, but also what sort of goals they’re working towards internally within their own company. Maybe they have a new product launch coming up or they’re going after an exciting new client themselves. You never know if the next conversation could unearth a new way for you to partner together!

Urge your CSMs to take a genuine interest in their clients’ goals and successes - even life’s moments!

Maybe your client mentions they’re going to dinner for their birthday this weekend. Send them a card! Maybe their son/daughter’s graduation is coming up. Send a little gift their way. At AddShoppers we pride ourselves on always looking to add a personal touch to our interactions with clients. Recently, during a monthly call with a client, one of our CSMs learned their main contact with the brand unfortunately broke her arm thanks to a bad combination of wet floors and flip flops. The CSM sent her a Starbucks giftcard and even threw in some shoe laces for a slightly suggestive and humorous nod to future footwear selections. Everyone knows laughter and a latte is the real best medicine!

If there's a chance to reciprocate, do it! 

At AddShoppers, not only do we make every effort to build personal relationships with our clients, we even look for opportunities to become the client. We often purchase items to decorate our new office or stock our amazing gourmet kitchen from the very brands we work with!

The little things - the details - allow you every chance to add the human touch to the client experience your brand represents. It’s unbelievably cliche, but their success is your success. Help your clients understand they’re a true partner of yours. Whatever you do, just don’t make them say, “representative.”