Tips for Starting an eCommerce Store

Tips for Starting an eCommerce Store

There will always be differentiating opinions on where to begin when starting an eCommerce store - what’s the best platform? What are the best extensions to get? Unfortunately, there is no secret list of answers but there are a few things you can do to hit the ground running.

Make checking out a breeze.

One Step Checkout will simplify the checkout process for your customers. By default, most platforms have around six separate steps in the checkout process, which may very likely aggravate your customers. With one step checkout, all the fields are on one page at one time so the customer can complete the purchase in just one click without having to deal with the numerous ‘Continue’ buttons. The quicker and easier this process is, the more likely that customers will complete a transaction. Don’t forget to make it feel as safe and secure as possible too!

Interact with your audience.

Social media marketing is incredibly popular right now and every business should be using it to their advantage. Without utilizing these networks, you are missing out on countless conversions. The AddShoppers Platform is great to implement if you’re looking for effective social media marketing. This service adds social media buttons to pages on your eCommerce site and makes it easy for customers to share your products.


These sharing buttons track information and report it back to you when they are used. You are able to see which social networks drive the most traffic and sales, and identify your most popular products and their promoters. Plus, social sharing positively effects your site ranking in Google searches!

AddShoppers integrates with many eCommerce platforms, just follow these easy installation steps and you’ll be on your way to executing your social media marketing strategy!

Automate emails for friction-less engagement.

Triggered email applications like MageMail are intended to get ‘lost’ customers back and re-engaged. You can choose to send out triggered emails to remind customers about their wishlists or what they’ve abandoned in their cart, recommend products they may like, and even send a special birthday email with a coupon to use on their day. By sending specific targeted emails to your customers, you are getting your company’s name in front of them again and reminding them about you, which will hopefully result in more conversions.

MailChimp is another email application that allows business owners to enhance their email campaigns. This is a way to see how effective your email newsletters are and it also offers statistics to help tailor your campaigns to better suit your customers. For example, you can send emails about new arrivals of women’s clothing to your female customer list and or send out a monthly newsletter to your partners to keep them in the loop with your company’s happenings. With MailChimp, it is easy to see how many people open, unsubscribe, or click through your campaigns.

Measure your results.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic and can be used for any sized business. You are able to see an abundance of information including, but not limited to, how a user got to your site, how long they browsed, and what page they exited on. You can also make specialized segments for any information you’d like to see and tailor your marketing efforts around  this data. Google Analytics is one of the best tools to gain insight into your website traffic.


Launchpad by Creatuity


If you are interested in an eCommerce site that encompasses all of these features, Launchpad by Creatuity would be a perfect solution for you. Launchpad is a quick and affordable way to launch an eCommerce store. It includes easy payment and shipping setups, built in SEO, responsive themes, a landing page generator and a ton of other features.

Launchpad was built by Creatuity’s team of certified developers and ties in the best features and extensions to help small businesses thrive. After your new site is live, you are free to customize and tweak it as much as you’d like!




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