Top 4 Moz Tools for eCommerce + 60 Day Free Trial

Top 4 Moz Tools for eCommerce + 60 Day Free Trial

Interested in pulling as much traffic from the search engines as possible? These tools from Moz will help (and so will the special offer that we secured for you).


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Don't know what Moz is?

You should -- they're basically THE authority on SEO and the search engines (formerly known as SEOmoz), and they've recently expanded their focus to all things inbound marketing. As an eCommerce store owner, they offer some apps that you'll find very useful. Here's a quick rundown of the ones that we think you'll really like:

The Top 4 Moz Tools for eCommerce

1. Open Site Explorer ( Enter up to 5 URLs and this tool pops out a VERY detailed backlink analysis for each one, including linking domains, anchor text analysis, domain/page authority, and more. You can actually use a limited version of this one for free, but you have to have a Moz Analytics account to view all the data it returns.

2. Fresh Web Explorer. This tool tells you where people are talking about your brand. In today's fast-paced social internet, being able to monitor your brand mentions and jump in and join the discussion is very important. If you have an eCommerce store, you definitely want to clear up any bad reviews ASAP and this tool can help.

3. Rank Tracker. Does organic search traffic represent a large amount of traffic and sales for your store? If so, tracking your ranking is very important. You want to stay on top of your rankings so you can track progress or be alerted if your rankings drop so you can fix it.

4. MozCast ( This tool is a Google weather report. No, really. Ever wanted to know how stormy the Google rankings have been for the past couple days? They've turned turbulence in the Google algorithm into actual "weather" reports telling you how much Google results have changed in recent history.

Don't believe us? Here's yesterday's Google weather, according to Moz:

Weather provided by MozCast

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(This is actually a free tool, you don't need any subscription to use it).

Moz Analytics includes some more tools, which you can see here:, but we thought these would be the highest impact tools for eCommerce store owners.

Again, as your favorite social commerce platform, we've got a special offer from Moz: 60 days of Moz Analytics for free.

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Do you use any of these Moz Tools or any others to help market your eCommerce business? Let us know in the comments!