Trending Wall 2.0: Drive more sales with faster product discovery

Trending Wall 2.0: Drive more sales with faster product discovery

We're super excited to announce the biggest update ever to the Trending Wall app!

Watch the video to learn all about this update and how to enable it for your store, or read the text below.

If you're short on time...

  • Trending Wall 2.0 adds in powerful filter and sorting options

  • These new options help customers discover products faster, which leads to lower bounce rates and higher conversions (read below to see how)

  • To upgrade your Trending Wall, see the section near the bottom.

What's this update all about?

Before we get to the instructions on enabling this app, we'd like to explain the technology behind the updates and how these advancements will help your Trending Wall ultimately sell more products. (Need a refresher on the Trending Wall? Check out a live example featuring our Trending Resources)

This update focuses on product discoverability time. 

How product discoverability time affects eCommerce conversion rates

One of the most important factors in eCommerce is the time it takes for a customer to discover a product that they're interested in on your site. We all have short attention spans when shopping online, and we're all very quick to hit the back button.

Put simply, if it takes someone too long to find something they like, they're gone. On to the next site (likely a competitor).

And if they're gone, they aren't going to convert into a sale, obviously.

How the Trending Wall 2.0 affects product discoverability

The new Trending Wall updates enable advanced filtering and sorting options that customers can use while they're browsing your Trending Wall. With these options, they'll be able to discover products they'll love more quickly while browsing your Trending Wall.

And that can mean the difference between a bounce and a sale. With the updated Trending Wall, you'll see a higher and faster rate of product discovery, which will lead to more product page views, more carts, and more conversions.

Here are the new options that you can add to your Trending Wall:

Filter Options

  • Category. Allow your Trending Wall to be filtered in real-time by category.
  • Price. Allow customers to specify a price range on your Trending Wall.
  • Stock Status. Allow customers to only view products that are in stock.

Sorting Options

  • Popularity
  • Recently Shared
  • Price low to high
  • Price high to low

How to enable the new Trending Wall filter and sorting options in 2 steps: 

First, please note that this is a premium feature. If you are currently on AddShoppers Community edition, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan in order to access the new filter and sorting options. Don't worry, we'll give you instructions on upgrading :)

Step 1

In your AddShoppers dashboard, go to Apps > Trending Wall > Configure. Then, click on the General tab. 

Step 2.

You will see 4 new options: Show categories, Show price range, Show stock filter, and Show sorting. Simply enable any of the options you want to use, click Update, and you're all set!

(If you're on Community, you'll see a button to Request a Demo -- just click that and we'll be in touch about getting you upgraded. Or, click here.)

We hope you love the updated Trending Wall!

PS. Want to see another live example? Check out our own Trending Content page.