Twitter API Update: New, Secure, and Ready for Marketers

Twitter API Update: New, Secure, and Ready for Marketers

TL;DR: Twitter used to not pass emails after logging in via Twitter, but now they do. Huzzah!

All of AddShoppers’ integrations with top applications are to make marketers lives easier. 

For AddShoppers’ clients, Social Login is a key part of maximizing on-site marketing campaigns. As an alternative to regular account creation and login, Social Login can help boost conversion rates (especially on mobile!) and brand awareness, all while obtaining actionable data. 

The skinny:

Twitter had their API locked due to privacy and security reasons. Site users could still use Twitter to share brand products and information through Social Sharing, but brands couldn’t receive any actionable data (like email).

A solution:

Due to high demand from users and software vendors, Twitter acquiesced and opened their API for integration. Now, if a Twitter user authorizes third party access, Social Login will pull in the user’s name and email. This is available for desktop and mobile devices.

For AddShoppers' clients this means: 

  1. Implementations of sign in with Twitter are based on Oauth, which provides authorized access to its API. AddShoppers uses Oauth to send secure authorized requests to the Twitter API, so clients and their customer’s information are always secure.
  2. Easy access to AddShoppers’ Twitter app, using the Twitter app, which is setup by default so no further setup action is necessary. 
  3. Option to use their own Twitter app. White labeling the Twitter app eliminates our generic messaging to replace with their own logo and messaging. 

Check back next Friday for a complete breakdown on “How to White Label Twitter Apps.”

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