Using Tealium? Make the most out of AddShoppers' newest integration

Using Tealium? Make the most out of AddShoppers' newest integration

AddShoppers’ newest integration with Tealium Universal tag (utag) is now available and easy to install with Tealium tag manager. 

Why is this a big deal? 

AddShoppers’ previous integration only allowed Tealium users to launch AddShoppers through Tealium (no data passing). The new development with Tealium integrates with their utag function, allowing for user tracking and tagging. 

For Tealium users, this new integration means we can:

  1. Push data directly from their site to Tealium
  2. Pull data from Tealium for targeted on-site messaging

Tealium helps brands connect and manage their site’s technologies and data to produce comprehensive customer profiles while AddShoppers activates customer data to power personalized on-site marketing experiences. 

Here’s how it works, all events collected by AddShoppers: clicks, email sign-ups, shares, social logins, location, shopper behavior (cart abandonment, page views, etc), cart value, and referring URL, will push seamlessly into a personal Tealium tag management data hub. 

The integration also enables the reverse; pulling data from Tealium into AddShoppers. This will boost the number of data points available for AddShoppers powered campaigns, for (simple) example: 

  1. Returning customer: If they have placed an order in the past, display offer ‘X’.
  2. New customer: If they never placed an order, display offer ‘Y’. 

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