Who To Follow On Twitter To Learn About eCommerce

Who To Follow On Twitter To Learn About eCommerce
eCommerce Twitter Account
eCommerce Twitter Account

Currently there are dozens of lists of who to follow on social media sites for social media advice. I have struggled to find high-quality lists that focused specifically on eCommerce experts and provided an in depth perspective on social media.

So, lets change that. Here is a list of who you need to be following in order to learn more and stay up to date on all things eCommerce.

Note: The number next to each Twitter handle is their current Klout score.

1. @Shopify 83  + @ShopifySupport 45

The main Shopify account tweets out new and old blog posts from the Shopify blog – many are amazingly well written and helpful for eCommerce store owners.The Support account is more interactive with customers and questions, as expected. If you’re a Shopify merchant this is the Twitter account to glue yourself to.

2. @magento 80

While they don’t only tweet about themselves, a large amount of their content is directed at the Magento brand to some degree. Once again if you’re a merchant using this particular platform, obviously follow them. They’ll keep you up to date on changes, blog posts, and webinars/conferences they’re involved with.

3. @E_mhotep 79

Kamal may be packing a little fewer than 4000 followers, but his influence on Twitter and other social networks is huge. He covers a large number of topics related to digital marketing, including social media and SEO. The rest focuses on eCommerce and web design. The content that he shares is always high quality and will help any site owner or eCommerce store owner learn how improve their market online, without having to sift through all the bad articles themselves.

4. @Econsultancy 74

This account, like many other large accounts, tends to only promote itself. However their content is super high quality, great for everyone - especially eCommerce merchants, and contains exclusive data and experiments. This is a highly recommended account to follow.

5. @KISSmetrics 73

KISSmetrics posts about a lot of content; in some cases it may actually be too much. Here’s the kicker though - it’s rarely their own content or things about their brand! If you’re looking to learn more about digital marketing as a whole, everything they post is always high quality - including tweets directed to their own content. I believe it should be noted that not everything they post about is marketing related - they cover every corner of the web.

6. @colderice 67

Operated by the CEO of ColderIce.com (an eCommerce education site), he tweets all the time about helpful eCommerce and marketing articles across the web.

7. @Volusion 65

The Volusion blog is a good one, and social media comprises the majority of the content that they tweet about, along with their own content and their webinars. The best part of the Volusion Twitter is their constant stream of eCommerce statistics and facts. While they’re somewhat selfish with their links, they do promote the researcher’s data as well. Many of these facts are not only interesting, but can be useful to eCommerce store owners.

8. @Bigcommerce 63

Bigcommerce covers a large array of topics, but they tend to focus on eCommerce. Every now and then they’ll feature one of the merchants from their platform with a mention or re-tweet. Would highly recommend not only following, but also interacting with the account if you’re a part of the Bigcommerce platform.

9. @PrestaShop 62

PrestaShop does something interesting with their account. They use it primarily to converse with and help merchants using their system, in a customer support-type fashion. When they’re doing a post linking to content, IE; blog posts, other blogs, news, updates, etc., they’ll make a note of what the tweet is. It’s a great way to keep everything organized and separate from the customer support tweets. If you’re a merchant using the PrestaShop solution, it is highly recommended! If not, you may get annoyed by all of the customer support tweets.

10. @IR_Magazine 61

Internet Retailer, much like Econsultancy, is a heavy promoter of their own personal content, but it is amazingly good content. IR keeps up to date on everything eCommerce, and brings the best news and advice, exclusively targeted at eCommerce merchants. This account is one that I would highly recommend, not just for eCommerce merchants, but for anyone interested or involved in eCommerce. It will keep you up to date on eCommerce news, as well as give you information on their high value webinars. If Twitter isn’t enough for you, subscribe to their equally high quality print magazine as well.

11. @PracticalEcomm 60

This account is essentially nothing more than links to the Practical Ecommerce articles as they come out, but the articles are great for eCommerce merchants on any platform. Their tagline, “Insights for Online Merchants”, is dead-on when it comes to their content. If you already subscribe via RSS or receive their newsletter, then there isn’t much point in following unless you want another avenue for them to tell to you a new article is out. If you’re not big on email anymore, or feel it’s too cluttered, then following and checking their Twitter is a great way to make sure you get their content without the continual email updates

12. @EcommerceBytes 57

Ecommerce Bytes is appropriately placed near Practical Ecommerce on this list since it is also a feed that updates you about new blog posts. This blog tends to cover topics focused on Amazon® and eBay®. If these are platforms that you regularly interact with or which provide a source of sales, then I highly recommend either subscribing to the blog’s email newsletter/rss or following this Twitter for up to date eBay/Amazon news.

13. @eCommerce  57

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea who runs this Twitter account. It may very well be an automated Twitter account. Human or not, the account owner has a focus on quality, and posts the best informative articles it finds. You’ll never see a “Hey look what I’m doing” or an -insert ad here- tweet.

14. @mywifequit 56

Steve’s Twitter account focuses on promoting the “my wife quit her job” blog, and content fitted for its audience. This Twitter account is great for anyone - the articles posted apply to just about every entrepreneur, and have eCommerce-based gems every now and then. This blog/site focuses on a variety of topics but eventually leads back to two: eCommerce and entrepreneurship.

15. @3dcart 54

This account by 3dcart is one of the best when it comes to finding the best ecommerce based content around the web. The account posts an even share of it's own great content, housed on the 3dcart blog, in addition to various alternate source's content. In addition to sharing other's content they also spend the time to properly tag exactly who the post that they're sharing was by. This account is an absolute must follow for anyone working in the ecommerce industry, and especially so for those who utilize 3dcart's platform.

16. @GoogleRetail 54

While the account rarely actually puts out a tweet, it’s worth the follow. When the rare tweet from this account comes out it’s to tell you that there is a new post on the Google Shopping Blog or Google Retail Blog(retired?) or to invite you to other Google related content, including webinars. What’s so great about these posts? They’re Google research and data brought to you by the experts themselves. Trends such as when people begin searching and shopping for back to school products are, in my opinion, priceless to merchants who take advantage of information like this.

17. @GrooveCommerce 51

If you should ever RT or tweet about the GrooveCommerce blog, they'll notice and care. The majority of their links point to both their blog posts and the Hubspot blog and content. Links to their blog focus highly around eCommerce and are never low quality.

18. @CPC_Andrew 51 and @MerryWhy 49

Both of these Twitter accounts are operated by CPC Strategy contributors. Andrew and Mary take a strong stance on being regularly active on Twitter, and interacting with eCommerce platforms, providers, and brands. Follow them both for up to date eCommerce news, and to hear about their newest blog posting on the CPC Strategy Blog.

19. @mivamerchant 49

Although Miva Merchant has fewer than a thousand followers, they are one of the best when it comes to interaction. This Twitter account interacts heavily with followers and non-followers. Additionally they post a massive amount of content from other sites, all with a focus on eCommerce and sales.

20. @Roxyyo 48 + @getelastic 59

Both of these Twitters are operated by eCommerce blogger and getelastic employee Linda Bustos. @getelastic sends out tweets mentioning new articles, as well as data/stats mentioned within the new getelastic articles. This specific Twitter account tends to not interact heavily with readers. To interact with Linda, you’ll want to use her personal account, which is used mostly for personal updates, webinars and events, and sharing personal highlights.

21. @TheEcommercePro 46

This Twitter account is a great way to keep up to date on everything eCommerce - platforms, news, advice, etc. TheEcommercePro finds the best of the best and delivers it to you 24/7. This is a must follow for eCommerce news since it’s a large collection of varied sources being brought to you constantly.

Bonus: @Camrncrazy, my personal Twitter account. I try to focus on marketing, eCommerce, and startups but truly I mostly use it to connect with people.  If you ever need to get in contact with me, this is a great way to do so.

If you were not included on this list but all you share about is what’s new in eCommerce please leave your Twitter handle in the comments below so that we can expand on this list. The more the merrier!

Written by: Mitchell Abdullah