Why hello there, World.

Why hello there, World.


Well, after months of development and tweaking, we're as ready as we'll ever be to launch publicly.

So what have we built?

A free social sharing platform built for retailers that increases sharing with incentives and allows merchants to measure ROI by tracking sharing to actual conversions.

For example, you can add a simple promotion that incentivizes every tweet with a $5 off coupon (and yes, a Facebook Like).  Then you can track all the shares and clicks to see the actual impact.  Customers can easily see the incentive for sharing with our Social Promo Callouts™. Reward customers for spreading your brand and discourage them from searching for coupons that cost you an affiliate commission.

Easily add coupons.

You can even add coupons to Facebook Likes, Tweets, or Google +1s.  Sharing has been an afterthought to this point for most retailers.  Just slapping a Like button or a general sharing button just isn't enough any more.  There's no good reason for customers to click and there's no good way for you to analyze what's going on.  Until now.

Any questions?  We're happy to help!