Why robo-marketing is the next major evolution

Why robo-marketing is the next major evolution

Marketing isn’t getting any easier, and that’s a big problem

Look at this recent article trying to unwind the mess of data, systems and general disaster that is marketing technology. What makes it even more challenging geniuses every day are entering into the martech field building more complex systems to support the insatiable growth requirements of brands.

Getting the right message in front of the right customer is more available than a few years ago, but it’s not any easier. In fact, it’s still pretty freaking hard. Hard enough that the value of spend is starting to come into question. There have been numerous articles stating major brands have pulled back on hypersegmentation because the profits weren’t worth the expenses.

Robo-marketing is the next innovation because it has to be. Marketing is getting too expensive and too hard to execute. For many businesses, the martech stack + ad spend is only extracting a fraction of the value it costs to implement. For every bold promise made by another martech vendor, there’s a new expense on the P&L and the law of diminishing returns is beginning to take shape.


What will robo-marketing look like?

It’s going to look very similar to robo-advisors (Betterment, Wealthfront, or Acorns). These tools algorithmically look for trading opportunities and only focus on a few asset classes to optimize returns for the smallest fees. Robots don’t get tired, don’t need wages, and don’t need management. They never stop analyzing data to find the right time for the right trade.

In the world of marketing, decision engines that ingest sales data, advertising data, and human behavior data are going to start auto-segmenting creative, products, people, and channels. In the near future brands will dial back requirements for internal marketing and agency personnel because they won’t need so many people to keep up with all of these variables.

Tools today are not designed to transfer all of this information seamlessly between systems, so for the time being, robo-marketing will feel more like a service from an agency. A combination of people and data to service your account taking advantage of proprietary systems looking for opportunities to leverage content, products, people, and channels for profitability.

People will still be involved to approve and ensure content and campaigns represent the brand, but the actual finding and placement based on opportunity is becoming more automated everyday.

When it finally arrives, it will look just like robo-advisory. Machines will take your approved creative, product, and pricing requirements and automatically set up eCommerce enhancements, media buys, email adjustments + more. Robot enabled humans will be the last step to approve and provide new inputs to complete the cycle.

Clients aren’t going to put the money up front. They are going to pay for growth with a fixed predictable cost of sale that can be budgeted for short and long term profitability.

AddShoppers is at the forefront of this evolution. The most predictable budget conscious martech spend with the greatest profitability is here right now, and it’s going to keep getting better.