Why should your shop use Product Schema?

Why should your shop use Product Schema?

Standards are good.  In eCommerce land there's a standard that I see a ton of shops not using. It's called Product Schema.  All you do is add simple tags to different elements on your product pages like the Title, Description, Price, and Reviews.  This lets websites that support Product Schema know what's what. OK, so let's say you spent 10 minutes today to integrate this.  What would it do for you?  How about Rich Snippets in Google Search Results:

Google Rich Snippets
Google Rich Snippets

Which do you think a customer is more likely to click on?  We're big believers in more free traffic. Every little bit helps in online retail.

AddShoppers uses it to pull the right product data for our widgets:

Use Product Schema
Use Product Schema

 If Product Schema isn't present, we default to the page title for the product name and cry a little inside.

Here are the Product Schema tags you should be using:

  1. name
  2. description
  3. image
  4. productID
  5. price
  6. stock status
  7. reviews
  8. availability
  9. brand

Moral of the blog post?   Get your developers to spend a few minutes updating your product pages today.  You can test everything with Google's Rich Snippets Tool.