Wish Lists + Social = Higher AOV

Wish Lists + Social = Higher AOV

Most eCommerce sites either don’t offer wish list functionality or neglect their basic offering. Typically, wish lists tend to be overly complicated, and most of the time, lack the capability to share socially. The look, feel, and overall user experience is usually poor, so marketers struggle to see the value and from a shopper perspective, navigating to find products worth wishing for can be a challenge. 

So we decided to change the game. 

Three key benefits of our Trending App:

  1. Increased Average Order Value by making products easier to discover, save, and share
  2. More page views and longer time on site
  3. Simple one-code deployment (as always!) and full white labeling

Today we’re adding industry-leading wish list functionality into our already impressive Trending App.! This update is available to all of our Enterprise clients who have already purchased Trending Wall as well as oncoming clients.

How AddShoppers Wish List works:

The “Add to wish list button” is a separate div tag that will have to be manually placed on the site. From there, the add to wish list function will be visible on product pages.

Adding products to a Wish List:

In order to generate a wish list, customers will need to sign in through the AddShoppers widget. Once they’ve completed that step, adding items to a list can be done from either the product page tself or, from your site’s Trending Wall. Once a list is generated with products that your customers want, they can then share that list via social networks, or through email! 

If customers would rather keep their list private all they need to do is not share their wish list. It’s that simple. If they don’t share it, others can’t find it. 

Having this Wish List functionality a part of your site provides a better shopper experience for your customers. 

What will your customers wish for?