X-Cart Gets More Social with AddShoppers Integration

X-Cart Gets More Social with AddShoppers Integration

X-Cart We're proud to announce that we have integrated with another eCommerce platform, X-Cart!

It's now easy to add sharing buttons, track social ROI, and increase product sharing  in X-Cart by integrating AddShoppers social commerce apps. Installation takes less than 5 minutes and is a simple copy/paste process.

Ready to get started? Read the AddShoppers X-Cart Installation Guide for complete installation instructions with screenshots.

Have reservations? Here's why you should add AddShoppers to your X-Cart:

  1. Because you want to increase revenue by taking advantage of social product sharing.
  2. Because you want to find out which social network drives the most revenue.
  3. Because you want to learn more about your shop's demographics.
  4. Because you want awesome analytics about your shop's sharing activity.

Get started here:

AddShoppers X-Cart Installation Guide